Hitech Digital World Pvt Ltd.

The fastest billing software which takes care of your needs in GST, inventory, barcode, SMS, the email with a handy android app. Hitech has built an offline billing software that emphasizes on effectively and efficiently optimizing businesses, whether in the startup sphere or sphere that comes with decades of experience. We are aware of the immense amounts of difficulties and major time-consumption in mundane work-related tasks that cannot be avoided for an organization to function smoothly. This is why we have innovatively designed and implemented our concept of a billing software. This billing software serves as a common platform for all departments and sub-sections within your business. Be it the sales and purchasing management team, the administrative department, the investment department, the tax management team or any of the GST, delivery, and stock management sub-sections – this is an all-in-one business platform. In a progressive world as such, business owners need to constantly adapt to new technologies, marketing campaigns, algorithms, and business solutions. Spending 80 percent of their time on management and analysis by no means shall contribute to climbing the corporate ladder and improving the service offered to an extent that others have not been able to achieve. To ensure this problem is eradicated, Hitech has collaborated with highly professional engineers and problem solvers to come with up a software that is known to take away all the usual hush-a-hush from a business owner’s schedule and allocate more time to experiment new growth ideas. Product: Hitech BillSoft Business Hours: Mon-Sun: 9:00am-9:00pm