Michael Kozlowski

Shop e-Readers has been one of the leading Canadian companies focusing on the educational market and putting e-readers in the classroom. Today they have struck a deal with the University of Manitoba to put Kobo e-Readers, accessories, book-lights, and protective covers in the student store. In the last few months Shop e-Readers has done business with some of Canada’s leading universities, such as Simon Frasier and Vancouver Community College. Shop e-Readers main goal is to focus on Canadian educational markets and promote digital reading in the classroom. Who really wants to lug around a ton of textbooks and overflowing backpacks when you can carry around a small e-reader and make all of your notes right on it? Peter Carotenuto of Shop e-Readers said in an interview that, “We are pleased to form a partnership with one of the largest universities in Canada and are excited about promoting a digital environment. e-Readers continue to gain traction in our great Nation and these devices are the future of our school system.” About Shop e-Readers Shop e-Readers is a British Columbia company recently aquirred by our parent company Oak Branch Media, Inc. They have a vibrant online web-store that ships e-readers and tablets internationally, at respectable prices. Their main goal is to give people the freedom to buy the device they want without geographical restrictions. Recently, they have been focused on the educational market to bring e-readers to the classroom. About Good e-Reader Good e-Reader is the leading source of online news, previews, and interviews on e-readers, digital publishing, ebooks, and tablet computers. We have a huge tech forum that allows you to watch tutorial videos and talk to other people who have the same device as you do. The most recent project Good e-Reader is promoting is their Android and Playbook App Store.