Nirmala Vanol

As c0c0n XV, the latest edition of the premier hacking and cybersecurity conference of India, is just days away, we at Tsaaro are proud to be partnered as sponsors of this Conference. Tsaaro, with a list of reputed clients, has emerged as one of the industry leaders in the realm of data privacy. Tsaaro provides enterprises with data-driven insights, specialised competencies, and sector knowledge to help them move toward future prioritising privacy. We have built a reputation for protecting the business interests of our clients and the voluminous data they process by employing state-of-the-art technological processes. Led by some of the brightest minds in the field of data security, Tsaaro today boasts of a team of professionals who can meet the challenges posed to cybersecurity in the 21st century. Tsaaro has received a lot of attention for its unique data protection services in print and digital media (such as the Hindu, The Indian Express etc.) outlets around the nation. Its milestones are well documented, and the testimonials speak for themselves. Tsaaro has also undertaken the vital task of educating individuals and future data privacy officials. We have immensely educative and popular data privacy training programmes which have made knowledge about data privacy education accessible. c0c0n XV, true to its reputation, is going to host several organisations and professionals who are passionate about privacy and cyber security. Tsaaro, as one of the sponsors of the Conference, aims to highlight important emerging trends related to data privacy. With many technological giants also being present, the conference will serve as the perfect platform for engaging in deliberations on data privacy and cyber security. With data being touted as the “new Gold” and protecting one’s own personal information being a significant concern, this conference will serve as a stage to address essential concerns. Government organisations, academia, research organisations, industry leaders, and corporate houses will grace this conference. It will be the perfect opportunity to put across Tsaaro’s aims and objectives of making the world a better, safer place. We know that when people think privacy, they will think Tsaaro.