NTech 3D Printing

NTech 3D Printing in Brisbane gives you access to FDM 3D Printing and also Resin 3D Printing technologies right here in Brisbane to help you in bringing your ideas to life! 3D Printing is the next generation of manufacturing, often described as additive manufacturing. This technique brings lower cost manufacturing right into your hands as well as is often used for prototyping, art, custom items as well as even end-use products! The potential applications are endless with 3D Printing. Whether you require a singular prototype, large 3D prints or bulk 3D printing right here in Australia, NTech 3D Printing has the capability. Highly competitive discounting is used based on the size as well as type of your order. We can bulk 3D print in materials from PLA and ABS through to high end materials such as Polycarbonate and also Nylon which is highly cost effective for small runs or large objects as compared to injection molding or various other manufacturing processes.