OrNsoft Corporation

Founded in 2009 in Miami, FL, OrNsoft specializes in custom turnkey AI software for process optimizations. OrNsoft prides itself on their willingness to adapt to unique requests from their corporate clients. By 2011, OrNsoft had already serviced more than 2,000 customers worldwide and gained recognition from some of the largest IT companies in the industry, including Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Adobe and Apple. Their reputation and expertise have allowed them to work as a vendor with prominent organizations and corporations, including various government agencies worldwide. OrNsoft's main software solution is an AI-powered document & data management software that optimizes administrative workflows for any document-heavy industries. The product provides visibility and control of all steps of project management and document management & verification, while utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate administrative tasks like document classification, document handling, data extraction, data verification, and data modeling. The parameters for verification are unique to the client, and the machine learning system both identifies & notifies the users of any anomalies that can render a document non-compliant.