N-664 Linear Nanopositioning Stage: Low Profile, 30mm Travel, Sub-Nanometer Resolution Auburn, MA, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. – a leading manufacturer of precision motion control systems — has released a new high-precision linear translation table PI’s new N-664, single-axis linear nanopositioner delivers sub-nanometer resolution and better than 1 nm in-position stability due to its self-clamping, ceramic linear-motor. Instead of the usual stepper or servo-motor, this new linear positioning stage features a patented PiezoWalk® linear drive, which provides a number of advantages such as lower heat generation and higher positional stiffness. The direct-drive linear stage is equipped with a proprietary, highly accurate linear scale that delivers 0.5 nanometer resolution. Software Support, Optimized Motion Controller The closed-loop positioning stage is operated by a proprietary controller that eliminates hysteresis and backlash for nanometer-scale motion with high accuracy and repeatability. The controller takes full advantage of the specific motion characteristics of the PiezoWalk® drive enabling an additional high dynamics analog range of 5 µm. USB interfacing and a solid software and driver package (LabView, Matlab, etc) for seamless integration are included. Despite the very low profile of only 0.8” (20 mm) and compact dimensions, the stage offers a standard travel range of 30 mm (1.2”) and can be scaled up for longer travels, if needed. Applications PI’s PiezoWalk® positioners are of great value for semiconductor alignment and positioning applications as well as for the manufacture of fiber-optic gratings and for ultra-high resolution microscopy applications. The PiezoWalk® principle was awarded with SEMI’s Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) prize for innovative design in 2005 and has since enabled a number of manufacturers in related industries to develop break-through equipment and tools. More Info: http://www.nanopositioning.net/nanopositioning-linear-stage.php?onl-str#N-664 Features & Advantages ? Self Clamping Linear Motor for Higher Stability ? Low Profile of only 20 mm ? Long Travel range 30 mm ? 0.5 nm Linear Encoder ? Max. velocity 10 mm/sec