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Volunteers Seeking Medical, Teaching and Women's Support Project Encouraged to Consider Upcoming Programs in Nepal

A Broader View, a volunteer organization coordinating volunteers with programs around the world, announces upcoming projects in Nepal. Currently volunteers are needed in the areas of Medical, Teaching and Women's Support. Volunteers with a medical or nursing student background will be eligible for medical internships and pre-med programs. For the Nepal projects, placement is available for volunteers in community centers dealing with at risk street kids and women's support missions.

Volunteers Sought for Child Welfare Projects in Cartegena Colombia

As a volunteer organization connecting volunteers with programs around the world, A Broader ViewColombia announces upcoming projects in Colombia. Volunteers are needed to provide daily child care services, pre-school and kindergarten classes for infants and small children in Cartagena. This will be in the Torices neighborhood close to the downtown area and the airport.

Volunteers Needed for Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

A Broader View serves volunteers around the world by connecting them to programs that fill important needs. Currently, volunteers are needed to serve in sea turtle conservation programs in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Those volunteers choosing to serve in programs in the Caribbean will be working in the National Parks of Costa Rica. Sea turtle preservation includes having volunteers monitor and register nesting patterns, record keeping of eggs, moving eggs to the hatchery, beach patrols and freeing newborns to the ocean. Projects are open to volunteers studying or interested in biology, marine life, animal welfare and conservation.

Volunteers Sought for Help in Peru to Provide Assistance in Cities and Amazon Communities

A Broader View, a volunteer organization, announces upcoming projects in Peru. These projects include social welfare and teaching projects in Cusco, Lima and Piura, and in addition medical projects are available in Cusco and Lima. Exciting conservation, animal rescue and social work programs are available in the Amazon.

A Broader View Announces Upcoming Volunteer Projects in Education, Medical and Animal Welfare

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