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Fighting Opioid Dependence with Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs: Proven Effective in Improving the Health and the Quality of Life of Opioid Dependents

LogoOpioid addiction is the dependence on prescription drugs and heroin which can be treated with rehabilitation and medication. For some time, rehabilitation under treatment programs combined with medication from both public and private recovery centers are the primary method of driving out the medical condition out of the system that had made a great impact on the chemistry of the brain. That to make the recovery more meaningful, drug dependents was advised to stay for 30 days or so and strictly follow the 12-step programs designed for every patient. However, concerns about its efficiency were raised these days as the number of Americans getting addicted to opioid escalates dramatically while more youngsters were being reported to be acquainted with substance addiction.

Acadia Malibu Shares New Study on Drug Treatment to Fight Cocaine Addiction

LogoCocaine addiction has been one of the problems that the authorities are attempting to solve that a lot of funded research has been conducted to find a drug treatment that will save people from getting addicted. Until recently, a team of researchers from the US and Australia, which is led by the University of Colorado Boulder, conducted a study that may lead to a potential drug treatment with great implications not only with the cocaine, but with other types of drug addiction.

Achieving Sustainable Cure for Substance Use Disorder Through Realistic Approach in Addiction Treatment

LogoUncontrollable rise in the number of people getting addicted with cocaine and methamphetamine each year has further increased the need to make new treatments to get the line – as soon as possible. Yet, the immense intricacy of the brain's function and dysfunction has seems to be delaying the success of every experimentation to addiction treatments, that always kept the developments in neuroscience to a never-ending state of immaturity.

Acadia Malibu on Drug Abuse Prevention: Indianapolis Non-Profit Organization Teams Up with the National Institute on Drug Abuse to Boost Drug Knowledge on Indiana Schools

LogoSam's Watch, a non-profit organization in Indianapolis joined with the National Institute on Drug Abus e to fight drug abuse among teens. Sam's watch gives Saving Alert Messages on all the dangers and harm that drug abuse can cause to young people.

Malibu Drug Treatment Centers Aim to End Drug Addiction Through Proper Treatment and Acceptance

LogoDrug Addiction is considered as a complex illness. It is a substance use disorder characterized by a person’s dependency on legal or illegal drug or medication. It is also characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. Alcohol and nicotine may be considered as legal in some states and countries, but it is still considered as drugs. A drug dependent person cannot control the urge to take or use different kinds of drugs even while knowing the negative side-effects of its intake.

Acadia Malibu Discussed the Ways on How to Overcome Drug Addiction

LogoA lot of people addicted to drugs, alcohol or both have managed to get clean and stay that way with the assistance and supervision of organizations like Acadia Malibu or the thousands of residential and outpatient clinics dedicated to treating addiction.

Acadia Malibu Cites the Things to Look for in a Drug Treatment Center

LogoRegardless whether the center’s recovery program will take several weeks or months, its support and long-term follow-up are also important for the patient’s recovery. A quality drug treatment center not only tackles the abuse of drugs and other substances, it also tackles the emotional pain and other personal problems that contribute to one’s addiction.

GRM3 Rare Gene Variant: Could It Be the Next Big Thing in Resolving Alcohol Addiction?

LogoApproximately one out of every 200 people has a rare gene variant called GRM3 that spurs alcohol addiction which accounts to more than 18 million Americans who are alcohol dependent. This is what the study conducted by the researchers from the University College London found out. According to the published study in one of the issues of Psychiatric Genetics, the said rare gene develops the likelihood of developing alcohol addiction, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.