AcnePro1 Makers Ask, "Could This Be the Next Proactiv"

LogoAcnePro1 announces its plans to become the world leader in acne treatment products. They have now positioned themselves to do just that by using the same blueprint for success that the leading acne brand Proactiv has used for years. How so? With teen idol celebrity star power product endorsements. Whether it be teen idols, TV celebrities, Internet Influencers, or YouTube sensations, one thing hasn't changed in product marketing. The right celebrity attached to the right product can blow up a new brand in the marketplace almost overnight.

The Makers of AcnePro1 Test the Science Behind the Evolution of Colloidal Silver for Acne Treatment with Astonishing Results

LogoWith a new answer to optimum well-being for the skin, the makers of AcnePro1 recently released information of an evolutionary trek in the science of the anti-microbial properties of Silver. The company reports that the medicinal component used by physicians as far back as the early 1900s, colloidal silver, has made a sprint toward modern technology. A previously unknown benefit they're happy to incorporate into their three-step acne treatment known as AcnePro1. Enter, the new generation of colloidal silver – a new patented nano-silver particle, A.K.A. Silver Sol®, that will forever change the way we treat oily or acne prone skin.

Newly-Launched AcnePro1 Treatment System, Ups the Ante on Healing Acne with Hydrosilver Technology

LogoTaking on giants like Proactiv and Neutrogena in the acne treatment category of the retail market is no simple task. Gaining ground for both new science and effective results, AcnePro1's Hydrosilver Skin Cream makes its way to a marketplace all too ready for clear skin. The skin cream takes its verve from nano-silver, science's cutting edge answer to skin restoration. The healing properties of silver have been known for thousands of years. SilverSol® technology is the newest answer to the age-old colloidal silver. Twenty ppm (20 ppm) of the active nano-silver ingredient protects the skin from the multiplication of bacteria and fungus that inhibit cell growth. Cell growth equals healing. Protecting at a cellular level, AcnePro1's "secret weapon" has now taken its place as a proponent of science to further clear and balance acne prone skin. Combined with an acne cleanser and the proven results of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, and a balancing mist created by a world wide clinical supplier specifically for acne treatment, provide all of the tools needed to treat and repair bad skin.

Impact Product Development Adds Executive Marketing Team MayDay and Scarpaci-Kelly for National AcnePro1 Campaign

LogoImpact Product Development, the developers of AcnePro1, announce the hiring of Team MayDay and Scarpaci-Kelly Productions. The media marketing group and production company were chosen to highlight the proven acne treatment in multiple direct response ads and TV spots. Targeting Generation "Z" audiences suffering from the embarrassing effects of teen acne, the campaign is slated to roll out nationally in 2017's second quarter.

AcnePro1 Launches Game Changer in the War on Zits Thanks to the Latest in Anti-Microbial Technology

LogoSince when has a battle cry been as simple as 1, 2, 3? Winning the war on pimples with a three-step system that chooses effectiveness as a working principle, AcnePro1 launches a game changer. "How so?" says the Proactive generation who's spent $1 billion in 2016 alone to fight the dreaded pimple. Well, keep it streamlined and just think something similar to Nano Silver for the skin. Using the latest in anti-microbial technology combined with a restorative acid the body's all to familiar with, the new skin care system is what one might call a bee line to clear skin. Step One - Clean. Step Two - Balance. Step Three - Clear. What could be simpler?