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Avrek Law Firm Represents Five Construction Workers Badly Injured After 91 Freeway on Ramp Collapses

Avrek Law Firm has been contacted by five of the nine construction workers injured in Corona to represent them in a construction site injury claim, after the partial collapse of an on ramp bridge at around 11 p.m. on Friday. The collapse occurred as workers were lowering the bridge into place at East Grand Boulevard when the jacking operation failed. The bridge dropped more than a foot, hitting wooden support beams which in turn hit the workers.

Avrek Law Firm Supports Fundraising Campaign for Family of Victim Who Was Killed by Hit and Run Driver

Cesar Andres Medina, a 23 year old skateboarder, was hit by a pick-up truck or SUV while crossing Del Obispo Street, at Paseo Carolina, on Friday evening. Orange County Fire Authority paramedics transported the injured man to a hospital, where he died shortly afterward, according to the Sheriff's Department. Now, a GoFundMe page has been created to help raise money for Cesar Andres Medina with the full support of Avrek Law, the family's lawyers who are trying to seek justice on his behalf.

Avrek Law Firm Successfully Takes Legal Action Against Tire Manufacturers and Auto Manufacturer After SUV Rollover

In 2013, a used tire was sold to one Mr. Doe by a tire store in escrow, to be sold about the same time. The tire sellers installed the tire on Mr. Doe's SUV. Three months later, Mr. Doe's daughter drove her mother to church on the freeway when the tread separated and yanked the vehicle hard right. As she tried to correct the lurch by steering to the left, the SUV rolled owing to its inherent instability, spinning four times and crushing the roof, blocking two lanes of traffic upside down in the road. Avrek Law were instructed to pursue justice on behalf of the injured parties.

Avrek Law Firm Launches Go Fund Me Campaign for Rafael Castillo's Family After Death Caused by Drunk Driver

Drunk driving costs thousands of lives a year, and is one of the most reckless acts a person can undertake, putting not just themselves but the public at mortal risk whenever they get behind the wheel. Avrek Law Firm is a passionate advocate for victims of drunk driving accidents, and is currently representing the family of one Rafael Castillo, who now hope to create a foundation in his honor to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Avrek Law Firm Wins $1.25 Million Settlement on Behalf of Police Brutality Victim Jaime Duran

Jaime Duran is a Bakersfield man allegedly beaten by deputies of the Kern County Sheriff's Department, and filed a law suit against them. Criminal charges were never filed against the deputies, but Jaime Duran asked the civil courts to rule their actions unconstitutional. Avrek Law Firm police brutality lawyer Maryam Parman represented Duran, and sought $1.25 million in damages after he suffered two broken legs.

Avrek Law Firm Begins Legal-Awareness Campaign Following Recent Train Accident

The recent spate of train derailments and train/vehicle accidents has left many people wondering what the rights are for the innocent passengers on these trains. These people often have their lives changed forever following an incident such as this. The Avrek Law Firm understands this concern and has recently created an informational blog regarding how liability is determined in these incidents and what this means for those involved.

Avrek Law Firm Secures $7 Million Settlement for Client Who Was Critically Injured in Traffic Collision

Justice is essential to the functioning of a modern society, but is all too often evaded. That is why lawyers must be passionate as it is through such passions that Avrek Law Firm's Maryam and Melody Parman helped secure $7 million settlement on behalf of their client Rosanna Moreno.

Avrek Law Firm's Maryam Parman Selected as 2015 Southern California Super Lawyer

The Avrek Law Firm announced that partner Maryam Parman has been selected for the 2015 edition of the Southern California Super Lawyers. Thanks to her many years of experience, impressive credentials, and outstanding performance as a plaintiff's attorney, Parman successfully completed the rigorous, patented Super Lawyers selection process, singling her out as one of Southern California's leading attorneys. The Avrek Law Firm is one of the state's top personal injury practices, and Parman, one of the firm's founders, has been a plaintiff's personal injury attorney since 1998.

Maryam Parman of Avrek Law Firm Helps Secure $19 Million Verdict in Auto vs. Auto Case

Personal Injury Attorneys are sometimes looked upon as sharks preying on a litigious system, but this is an unfair representation of lawyers who fight on behalf of individuals against giant institutions, insurance companies, governmental entities, corporations and their legal teams to find justice for those who have been injured through no fault of their own. One such case was a rear end collision in which a mother was left in a persistent vegetative state after being crashed into at 65mph by a negligent driver. Maryam Parman of Avrek Law Firm Helped Secure $19 Million Verdict in Auto vs. Auto Case.

Avrek Law Wins Injury Case Against San Bernardino After Multiple Accidents on Washed out Bridge

Avrek Law has won a landmark case against the county of San Bernardino after a driver ran off a roadway into dry river bed because of a washed-out bridge, where warnings were found to be inadequate to warn of the danger. In Branson et. al, v. County of San Bernardino and County of San Bernardino v. James Schultz. Judge the Hon. Pamela King determined James Schultz, a 44 year old iron worker and Loren Branson a 44 year old tile worker, were entitled to $255,706.48 and $141,228.30 respectively after a single car collision that occurred on September 18, 2011 on Hinkley Road in the city of Barstow and the County of San Bernardino.