Bad Credit Resources Introduces Loans for Customers with Credit Problems

A recent report by Experian showed that about 1 out of 5 individuals have very poor credit, bad credit, or deep subprime credit scores. The Fair Isaac Corp. reported that, by 2011, about 46 percent of all FICO scores were below 700 — with nearly 25 percent of all scores below 600. In addition, CNN Money recently reported that one in four unemployed Americans have been required to go through a credit check when applying for a job. Of these, one in ten were denied jobs due to information reported in their credit report. Responding to these trends, is offering a variety of credit cards, loans, and credit rebuilding services tailored to customers with a poor credit history. Showcases Credit Cards for Those with Bad Credit

Many banks revoked their line of credit cards for those suffering from bad credit, even though the bankruptcy rate continues to decline. As a result, only a few cards remain on the market for those with bad credit or those looking to improve their credit score. Experts believe it will be many years before banks begin to give credit cards to those with bad credit with the types of limits they used to prior to 2005, when bankruptcy filings rose significantly. Most of the cards offered come with high fees and numerous restrictions, making them difficult for many to obtain. " researches the various offerings to find the best cards for those with bad credit. Only those cards with fair fees and great benefits are highlighted on the site," Shelly Evans of declares.

Bad Credit Launches Campaign to Make Consumers Aware of Options

Subprime credit scores, those below 620, continue to decline thanks to improving employment rates, yet many borrowers find they are still unable to obtain credit when needed. Those with a subprime credit score struggle to find lenders willing to take a risk on them. "With the help of Bad Credit Resources, consumers have access to guaranteed approval credit cards, pre-paid cell phone servic e and more," according to Shelly Evans, media contact for the company.

BadCreditResources.Com Launches Website to Assist Those with Credit Issues

Obtaining credit continues to be difficult for many, especially for those with bad credit or no credit. According to Robert Hammer, president of R.K. Hammer and Associates, credit card approvals typically run between 25% and 35% with some issuers only approving 10% of applications. For those with bad credit, this makes rebuilding the credit score more difficult if one doesn't know where to turn, Shelly Evans of explains.