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TechRepublic Contributor Eddie Williams Explains Why Failure Shouldn’t Be So Easily Accepted in Recently Published Article

While IT project or program failure is often spoken of and blogged about like it’s an ongoing rite of passage, TechRepublic contributor Eddie Williams believes project and program managers are digging their own graves by not setting much higher standards for success. Williams is the author of “The IT industry is accepting failure as the norm,” an article pinpointing specific reasons why failure isn’t actively avoided, along with specific ways to introduce success thinking into the project and program management culture. The article can be found on the TechRepublic website at (

Online Retailer Now Offering Free Tailoring for Online Buyers

While it’s not unusual to see free shipping from online retailers, free alterations usually isn’t the norm. Online retailer is hoping to change that – at least when it comes to men’s clothing. The downtown Canandaigua, New York, based storefront employs a full-time, in-house tailor to provide free customer alterations for both offline and online customers. The catch? There is none, provided the clothes are purchased from Now Offering Closeouts and Sale Items on Website

Casual and work clothes website has recently begun offering customers closeout and sale items on their website. The real world retail store-turned-online retailer carries several work and casual clothing brands like Carhartt, Timberland, Levis and Columbia, among others. Their closeout and sale items webpage features items for men, women and children, with prices up to 50 percent off typical retail costs.

Pixel Hauz Releases a Second in a Series of iPod Touch Apps for Kids

Australian based development studio Pixel Hauz has recently released Little Pocket Friends Touch and Learn, their second in what aims to be a line of iPod Touch apps for kids ages one to five. Little Pocket Friends is a digital flashcard system that helps early learners hear, see and ultimately memorize words representing objects in their everyday world. It’s all built around fun, colorful images that interact with children through sound and movement as the child touches the screen.

Newly Released iPad Toddler App Helps Budding Technofiles Learn Dozens of Words

Techno-mom's and dad's who are looking to keep a young child occupied while running errands, often pull out an iPad or an iPod for entertainment. Pixel Hauz is helping those parents keep young children entertained and educated with the new Little Pocket Friends Touch and Learn app. The newly released iPad toddler app helps children as young as one learn about the ever-growing world around them.

New Crime Thriller Book Released by Author Scott L. Ward on Amazon’s Kindle Webstore

The Courier, a new crime thriller book from author Scott L. Ward, is now available as a Kindle ebook through online bookseller At the heart of the book is a supposed chance meeting in Las Vegas between the main character, Sean, and a woman who might ultimately save his life. But as readers quickly discover, this isn’t just a case of boy meets girl. Sean is actually a former mob courier who unknowingly becomes involved with a Janice Watt, an FBI agent.

Find Freelance Workers on Website

A large business looking to find freelance workers won’t have a problem because they typically have the budget to do so. However entrepreneurs with less cash for hiring haven’t always been able to afford bringing a freelancer on board. Jason Parker, owner of is hoping to change that.

Unique Shower Curtains Added to Haven Designs Website

The Haven Designs affiliate website is now showcasing thousands of what they consider to be unique shower curtains in their product lineup. Among the listings, site visitors will find kids shower curtains, fabric shower curtains, vinyl and themed shower curtains, with everything from floral images, animal prints, and contemporary designs. The recently added webpage also has 11 articles that help readers choose, clean and decorate with shower curtains.

Sole F63 Treadmill Reviewed on Website owner Elizabeth Kenn recently added a review for the Sole F63 treadmill to her site at ( The Sole F63 treadmill review outlines notable features such as the 6.5 inch LCD screen that displays a runner’s progress, the horsepower of the motor, and the cushion flex deck. But according to Kenn, the handiest feature is the message board which both reviews a runner’s completed workout and guides users through the many options on the Sole F63.

Air Swimmers eXtreme Review and Videos on Top Christmas Toy Website

While remote control cars, planes and boats have been strong sellers during the holiday season, the Top Christmas Toy website is showing parents a very different remote control alternative with Air Swimmers eXtreme. Also known as the Ultimate Flying Fish, Air Swimmers eXtreme are helium balloons that are guided through the air with a remote control. There’s a 57 inch shark and the 36 inch clownfish, which is reminiscent of the character Nemo, from the movie “Finding Nemo.”