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U-Myna to Launch New Music Videos After 'Planet Parade'

After receiving a wide appreciation for their last music video, ‘Planet Parade’, Umyna will now be launching new music videos of their other songs. The band has taken this decision after the innumerable requests they received on social networking pages, by their followers and fans, to release the new videos.

Umyna Launches the Most Awaited Video of Its Song 'Planet Parade'

Already a hit in Russia, Planet Parade is now also available for your viewing pleasure. Umyna recently launched the video of this techno pop song and received overwhelming response from fans across the world.

U-Myna Receives Overwhelming Reviews from Listeners Around the Globe

U-Myna, an emerging Russian pop band, has recently received an overwhelming response from listeners around the world, for its latest tracks. Upon their release, the songs by Umyna were recently showered with awe-inspiring reviews on its social network pages.

UMyna - New Russian Pop Band Making Waves on Social Networks, a Nutshell Review

Bringing back the pop era of the 80's, UMyna, a Russian pop band, recently launched their foot-tapping tracks onto MySpace and YouTube. Blending modern music with the 80's melodious techno, U-Myna's newly released tracks beautifully comprises the old times with current trends.