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Deforestation and Supply Chains

LogoPresident Joe Biden has recently outlined an extensive list of environmental aims for his administration. Establishing a climate plan for the Amazon, is one of the US' key environmental goals, since it acts as an important component of a US strategy toward South America, as well as its pivotal position in a global response to the climate crisis. In 2012, the US played a key role in establishing the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), a coalition of governments, businesses, and civil society to end deforestation in commodity supply chains.

Federal Procurement in the USA

LogoThe US Government spends over $500 billion on goods and services per year to support and finance its activities, making it the single biggest consumer in the world. When the federal government spends money tactically, it can operate as a dominant industry leader, influencing whole markets. Experts have suggested that targeted spending on clean energy, electric vehicles, and greener construction materials can have an effect on sustainability and this in turn, can help support the fight against climate change. Procurement experts have indicated that although federal strategic spending would affect the climate crisis, it is likely that this will take years and should not be seen as an immediate solution.

Supply Chain Technologies – Careers Throughout the US

LogoSince 2016, Uber freight has allowed independent truckers and van drivers to connect with shippers and freight forwarders. 2021 has seen the ongoing development of the San Francisco-founded company via its introduction of 'Market Access'. This strategic procurement channel enables shippers to source capacity in real-time whilst maintaining market visibility and control over cost. This feature also allows the user to access competitive rates on inconsistent volume, which is especially vital in a tight market. Furthermore, Market Access guarantees price transparency and it has been developed to enable shippers to pay carriers the costs incurred over the Uber Freight marketplace, plus an agreed-to fee upon delivery.

New Technologies Available for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

LogoThe domestic US logistics industry continues to thrive as we approach the anniversary of the shelter-in-place mandate, which resulted in a significant boost for American e-commerce. However, the sector is also facing cost increases, new market demands, and staffing challenges. Simultaneously, new technology means that delivery via autonomous vehicles and drones is quickly becoming a reality, with key commercial sector regulatory approval expected to be rolled out by the end of March 2021. According to recent market research and industry forecasts, the logistics sector is well-positioned for additional growth.

Logistics and Supply Chain Careers in the US – Lufthansa's Role in the Vaccine Rollout

LogoThe logistical efforts for the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines present global challenges on a never-before-seen scale. Complex and detailed plans and procedures must be put in place to maintain the different vaccines at different temperatures and enable effective transportation to isolated and hard to reach areas. Lufthansa Cargo's pre-COVID $5 million investment at their base in Chicago O'Hare Airport has allowed them to handle vast amounts of pharmaceutical cargo.

Careers in Logistics & Technical Operations – The Reignition of the US Manufacturing Industry

LogoAs President Biden is sworn into the White House and the democratic term commences, there are many new developments to look out for in America's immediate future. With keen aspirations to boost the countries manufacturing sector, Biden recently signed an executive order that will seek to enforce that the existing US government buy American provisions. This comes after years of US companies previously outsourcing production and manufacturing to countries such as China, which has, in turn, contributed to the reduction in manufacturing jobs throughout the United States.

Logistics and Supply Chain Careers in the US – Expansion of E-Commerce

LogoThe past year has seen the logistics and supply chain industry pushed to the limit. With the closure of many physical retail outlets and many people choosing to avoid the crowded stores over the winter months, due to the ongoing prevalence of COVID-19, this has led to a sharp rise in e-commerce – and as a result the logistics industry has been in high demand.

Logistics and Technical Operations Jobs During the COVID Era in the USA

LogoWith the recent FDA authorization of the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine for emergency use in the United States and President-Elect Joe Biden receiving his first dose live on television to encourage national support for the vaccine, the USA has a mammoth logistical task ahead of them going into the new year.

Logistics and Supply Chain Recruiters in the United States - Ardent Opportunities Available Across the Country for Talented Professionals

LogoLogistics and supply chain sectors are heavily impacted by the changes in technology which cause disruptions when they are not utilized to their full potential. In particular, supply chain professionals must be able to cream clarity from chaos in high-pressure situations caused largely by the ‘Amazon Effect’ meaning there is an increase in expectations for products to be delivered rapidly and cheaply.

Logistics and Technical Operations Jobs in the United States - Fantastic Career Opportunities and a Wide Range of Jobs Available for the Right Individuals

LogoThe logistics and technical operations sectors in the US are familiar with facing regular disruption, however, 2020 has been a challenge for many and this is no exception to these two sectors. With rapid advances in technology such as digitalisation, artificial intelligence, and crowd-sharing, logistics and technical operations companies must adapt quickly in order to keep up with their competitors and ensure they stay in the black and out of the red.