Dukbill Launches Australia's First 'Lite' Accounting Software to Create Time and Money for Small Businesses

LogoSo what does the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, quick invoices, and tracked revenue all have in common? The newly launched mobile accounting management tool, Dukbill. The result of three exhaustive years of product research, the simple accounting software will redefine how small business owners do business. Now from any device, mobile or otherwise, they can manage clients, quotes, invoices and expenses all from one dashboard. Making them one click away from getting paid.

Dukbill Accounting Software Management System Offered to Business Owners Free for Life

LogoWith an eye on emerging trends in accounting software, a startup company is about to change the way Australian businesses approach an invoice. Already having done extensive market research, Dukbill readies themselves for their launch by asking for a little help from their 'friends'. The simple accounting software program offers free lifetime access to whomever will provide feedback. Yes, that's free access for life for a system that monitors cashflow easily. Staying with the winning edge research provides, business owners who frequently use the invoicing software in its beta stage will win. They'll never have to pay a fee for the management of quotes, invoices or cash receivables again.