aquaBRIGHT by ecoFINISH Can Withstand QUV Accelerated Weather Testing

LogoecoFINISH® has put their aquaBRIGHT™ high performance swimming pool finish to the test with QUV accelerated weather testing. The QUV test quickly reproduces the damaging effects of harsh weather conditions, yet — at the end of the testing process — a sample of aquaBRIGHT™ looked just as colorful and glossy as a control sample that was kept in darkness.

Now Is the Time for Homeowners to Start Planning Their New Pools with an ecoFINISH Installer

LogoThe holiday season is a good time for homeowners to begin planning their beautiful new pools with an ecoFINISH® installer. During this season, they may even enjoy special wintertime deals!

Homeowners Can Refresh Their Inground Spas with ecoFINISH® Pool Finishes

LogoThe ecoFINISH® team recommends that homeowners refinish their inground pools and spas before the cold weather hits. That way, they can enjoy their hot spas all winter long without worrying about chips, cracks, and other issues.

Homeowners Can Refresh Their Fiberglass Pools with polyFIBRO®

LogoecoFINISH® offers beautiful polyFIBRO® swimming pool finishes for homeowners with fiberglass pools. This scientifically-formulated aquatic coating will transform any pool or spa into a high-end, low-maintenance oasis.

ecoFINISH Offers ecoDUSTRIAL Coatings with Antimicrobial BioCote for Cleaner Surfaces

LogoecoFINISH® now offers ecoDUSTRIAL™ Coatings with BioCote®. This antimicrobial additive is ideal for chemical labs, food processing plants, water treatment plants, schools, offices, and many other locations.

ecoFINISH Provides High-Quality aquaticLIFE Pool Finishes for Marine Enclosures

LogoecoFINISH® offers high-performance aquaticLIFE™ swimming pool finishes that are ideal for aquariums, zoo enclosures, holding tanks, fisheries, and hatcheries. This coating is excellent for covering a brand-new marine enclosure or resurfacing an older enclosure that has begun to degrade.

ecoFINISH Offers ecoDUSTRIAL Pool Finishes for Commercial and Institutional Projects

LogoecoFINISH®, a leading provider of high-performance swimming pool finishes, manufactures ecoDUSTRIAL™ Traditional Coatings for construction and industrial applications. This state-of-the-art pool finish will create a lovely protective barrier that will last for years to come.

ecoFINISH Now Offers Non-Slip Coating for Swimming Pool Exteriors

LogoecoFINISH®, one of the country's top providers of pool finish installations that are designed to last, is proud to announce that they are now offering slip-resistant finishing for residential and commercial pool exteriors.

The Products from ecoFINISH Have Proven Performance in Backyards All over the World

LogoHomeowners who are looking to keep their pool looking sharp this upcoming summer season are encouraged to give the team at ecoFINISH® a call today to learn about their extensive and varied line of products suitable for any backyard pool. From brightening finishes that help to keep pool flooring looking great to industrial pool coatings that will last through massive amounts of UV exposure and changes in pH, ecoFINISH® carries a comprehensive line of products to complete any pool resurfacing and renovation projects.

ecoFINISH Offers a Variety of High-Performance Pool Finishes

LogoDedicated to high-end products and services, ecoFINISH® wins praises from its customers for its pool resurfacings and renovations. Low maintenance and incredibly durable, ecoFINISH®'s grade of renovations simply surpass the competition—resisting chips, cracks, and peeling. Paired with the company's courteous and patient customer service, their swimming pool solutions can cater to any pool owner and any project scale. Both manufacturers and installers, ecoFINISH® and its specialists offer the widest variety of high-performance pool coating solutions.