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LogoIT and Technology Recruitment On either side of the Channel, recent steps have been taken to improve the security of public telecoms networks which are witnessing dramatics technical transitions. Although 5G can provide many advantages for consumers and businesses, its advances in virtualisation, cloud computing, and software are expected to advance supply chains, technology convergence, and service provision. The UK Government has enacted new laws to strengthen the protection of telecoms infrastructure, under the Telecoms Security Bill, in order to ensure that telecoms networks and facilities are stable and robust.

Technology and the G7 - IT and Technology Recruitment in the UK

LogoThe technology sector is urging G7 policymakers to work collaboratively to ensure economic recovery and resilience in a post-pandemic age - by outlining 4 specific objectives. A joint effort between techUK, the Technology Sector Trade Associations of the G7 countries, and the EU (Tech7*), have been tasked to push for international cooperation to reap the rewards of technical growth in a post-COVID world. The Tech7 alliance is calling for their countries to work together to facilitate global trade flows and provide common guidelines for the digital economy that prioritises a transparent, compliant and non-discriminatory digital policy, which will be implemented at an international level.

New Cyber Security Threats

LogoAs a result of the changes in working conditions, brought on by the global pandemic, businesses have had to pivot, and act quickly when it comes to preventing different types of cyber security breaches. With a variety of devices now connecting to different networks - due to the blurring of lines between office work and home work - there is now more opportunity than ever before, for cyber criminals to target numerous databases. As a result, there has never been a more crucial time for businesses to introduce leading IT technologies, collaborative tools and digitalisation into their overall business functions, in order to safeguard and protect their digital infrastructures.

Glocomms UK – Artificial Intelligence Careers 2021

LogoMarch marked the month where e-commerce giant Amazon opened it's first 'just walk out' grocery store in the UK. Technological advancements around artificial intelligence (AI) have meant that shoppers no longer need to interact with a human being to purchase their groceries. The Amazon Fresh store, located in Ealing, west London, uses sensors on the shelves to detect when an item has been removed and other AI-backed technology to monitor individuals' movements whilst shopping. Customers must scan a code upon entry to the store as well as on departure, and then their bill is charged to the individuals Amazon account. This new way of shopping represents how technological developments can make everyday experiences even more smooth and streamlined.

Glocomms UK – Cybersecurity and Working from Home

LogoIn a hybrid working world with employees both working from the office and from home, it is more important than ever to ensure that security and connectivity are water-tight. It may be surprising to learn that poor technology isn't usually to blame for cyber security breaches. According to the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), 90% of data breaches in 2019 were caused by human error.

Cyber Security Jobs in the UK

Logo2021 is set to be a very exciting year for the cybersecurity sector in the UK. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has indicated, in their 2020 annual sectoral analysis, a record investment in the cyber sector now worth £8.9 billion. Despite the difficult economic situation that the UK has been in as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the industry recorded a new record quantity of cyber security deals, equating to over £821 million. The report also revealed that more than half of firms are now based outside of London and the South East, highlighting the growing strength of the sector across all nations and regions of the UK - which has contributed to regional prosperity as well as strengthening cyber resilience for numerous organisations. Glocomms have a plethora of cyber security roles available both in the UK and internationally.

The Future of British Technology Ventures – Careers Throughout the UK

LogoThe UK Government this February has launched the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA) who will be able to identify and fund transformational science and technology at speed, as part of the government's plan to establish the UK as a global science powerhouse. ARIA has been modelled on the US Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), which played a vital role in the development of technologies such as the internet, GPS and mRNA vaccines and antibody therapies.

Cybersecurity Careers Throughout the UK

LogoCybersecurity professionals have a great history of collaboration. Cybercrime does not pay any regard to state borders, so combatting it is a process that has always focused on the cooperation and the sharing of data by countries. According to the British Computer Society, the UK has historically been the second largest contributor of Europol Information Systems, which has not gone unnoticed during the Brexit negotiations with the EU. However, despite the collaborative effort to reduce cybercrime, the last few years have seen a lot of changes that professionals have had to quickly adapt to, to ensure that they provide optimal protection. One of the most effective barriers against cybercrime is the collaboration of professionals and their abilities to learn from each other.

IT and Technology Careers Throughout the UK

LogoAs we enter the decade of 5G, the UK Government is keen to support and aid in the development of British industries through the help of 5G technologies to further establish the UK as a world leader. To provide this leverage in capitalising on the power of new technology, there has been a pledge of £28.3 million of government-business shared funding to nine ventures aimed at exploring how UK businesses can be ahead of the game by incorporating the use of 5G technologies. According to techUK, open RAN technology will be used as an alternative approach to develop telecommunications networks that allow for greater interoperability of radio equipment between vendors and will give network operators more options and versatility when they adopt 5G infrastructure.

IT and Technology Jobs in the UK - Sectors Across the UK Looking for Talented Individuals, Particularly in Cybersecurity

LogoIn 2019, total venture capital investment in UK tech was £6bn, as reported by Tech Nation. This figure was higher than any other European country. Furthermore, the rate of scaleup investment in the UK places them as fourth in the world after the US, China and India.