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Homework Etc Kids on Making Memories & Remembering Growth

LogoA child's growth is a beautiful experience to witness as a parent and why not make it an interactive one? Not only will one of Homeworks Etc Kids' Wood Growth Charts be a fun activity for both child, parent, and other family members, they can also be a perfect complement to the décor that's already in the room and not have to stand out like a sore thumb. Perhaps most precious of all is the chance to look back and reflect on the growth that has occurred as time passes by with a Wood Growth Chart as a unique meter of memorable experiences and milestones.

Homework Etc Kids Designs Decorations Personalized to Each and Every Child

LogoBedrooms should be a place where children get to be children. A place where what's unique and special about them is celebrated and where they truly feel at home. While there are so many factors (both tangible and intangible) that go into creating a loving environment for children, the look and feel of a room cannot be overstated enough. From the colors to the textures to the shapes, decorations can reflect a child's personality while others can influence their mood and view of the world in a positive manner.

Homework Etc Kids Redefines Nurseries and Children's Rooms with Unique Decals and Decorations

LogoChildren need a space to be able to be themselves - to learn, to grow, to have fun! No one believes this more firmly than Jacqueline De'ath of Homeworks Etc Kids who came to this realization through personal experience. After struggling to find unique and catchy wall décor for her first child back in 2002, she came up empty handed. She knew that since she'd be spending a lot of time in her daughter's room, it was essential for it to be a place they both enjoy. After her long exhausting search, the solution was crystal clear: make her own. Thus, along with the birth of her daughter came the conception of designing and crafting by hand a myriad of simple, timeless, and functional items that added charm to the walls of her first nursery. Not only did they serve to decorate her own home, but she found they made perfect gifts for her friends as well.