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New Online Tool from Igus Enables Quick Configuration and Service Life Calculation for Energy Chain Systems

LogoOn the igus website, the customer can not only choose the right cable for their moving application with the chainflex product finder, but also immediately configure their individual energy chain system using the online e-chain expert, QuickChain.100. This ensures reliable data on the durability of the e-chain and the cables, thus making the selection of the most cost-effective system even easier.

Igus Produces Injection-Moulded Special Parts from Printed Mould

LogoInjection-moulded, printed or machined from bar stock – the motion plastics specialist igus offers customers a wide range of possibilities to obtain their lubrication-free parts such as gears or plain bearings quickly and cost-effectively. igus also offers the possibility to solve difficult technical challenges quickly by means of a 3D-printed mould – and now with all tried and tested iglidur materials. Since the production of injection moulds made of steel is comparatively expensive, takes longer and is only feasible in the production of large quantities, special Tribo solutions can be produced with a printed mould within 2 to 5 days with up to 80 percent cost savings in production and further, even small quantities can be produced. "A new process for the production of printed injection moulding tools now allows igus to make even more precise and long-lasting products," says Gerhard Baus, Authorised Officer of the Plain Bearings Division.

New Plastic Angle Adapters from Igus Allows Quick and Easy Angling of Cable Connector After Fitting

LogoSlide it on, bend the cable, fix and ready to use! In just a few steps, the new igus ibow, from the motion plastics specialist igus, can be used to attach cables with an angled plug connection and save space. With this simple injection moulded part, igus allows flexible connection of cables to a machine, whereby the angle of connection is freely selectable. "With the use of the igus ibow, cables can be connected just as easily to machines as without the adapter," explains Christian Stremlau, head of the readychain/readycable division at igus. "Customers do not need specially trained personnel and also save twice because they only need to get one type of plug connector, the straight connectors and their harnessing are also significantly cheaper than angled connectors." Users can therefore obtain the identical connector types as harnessed readycables from igus and also choose the best angle for connecting to the machine later. This saves process and storage costs and above all eliminates errors.

Industrial Robots from igus Can Be Openly Configurated from INR 4.5 Lakhs

LogoConfigure easily and automate cost-effectively – at the 2017 Hannover Messe the motion plastics specialist igus presented new robolink components for individual robotics solutions. In addition to complete robotic arms in optimised design for even more freedom of movement, higher stability and up to eight kilograms of load, igus displays the 'robolink designer', with which users can configure their robotic arms easily and quickly.

Igus Smart Plastics Monitor the Operating State of All E-Chains with Just One Module

LogoAt the Hannover Messe 2017, igusshowed new and improved products. These included, for example, isense EC.RC, a new system for monitoring e-chains, the optimisedCF.Q module for the intelligent chainflex cables that customers are already using today and the intelligent iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings.

Igus Medium Voltage Cable for Energy Supply Systems on Crane Installations Available from Stock

LogoThe motion plastic specialist igus has developed the new chainflex medium voltage cable CFCRANE.PUR for very long travels, for example in crane facilities. Motor cables of this series are, among others, highly flexible and oil resistant. As a retrofit solution or for special projects, igus offers the new series of cables from stock.

Lightweight and Cost-Effective Profiles from Igus Are Here to Save Money

LogoThe motion plastics specialist igus has expanded its drylin W modular system and now also offers linear guides with rails made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. From vehicle construction to laboratory technology, this metal-free alternative helps users save costs and weight in their overall construction.

Igus Launches First 3D Print Material for Food Technology

LogoThe 3D print material iglidur I150 developed by motion plastics specialist igus has now been approved for food contact according to EU regulation 10/2011. By the certification of this Tribo-Filament that has a versatile use, customers can now print their custom-made parts which are approved for direct contact with food or cosmetics in moving applications. The material is lubrication-free and maintenance-free and can be used even on 3D printers that do not have a heated printing plate.

igus Launches New Xiros Guide Roller Which Is Light, Durable and Food-Safe

LogoFor guide rollers and transport rollers, igus has developed a system solution consisting of tube and polymer ball bearings, which is now also available from stock in a light and FDA-compliant design. The rollers for use in the labelling, packaging and food industry consist of a blue PVC tube with two flange ball bearings at the ends made of wear-resistant xirodur B180 with stainless steel balls.

Igus E-Chain System Safely Guides Control Devices: Quickly Assembled, Space-Saving

LogoMore and more companies in crane technology rely on modern cable guidance with energy chains. With the new guidefast control e-chainsystem, the motion-plastics specialist igus has now developed an energy supply system that can also power a manual control on the indoor crane. Quick and easy to assemble, the guidefast control needs only a small installation space and can be adapted to the most varied conditions, thanks to the largest selection of cables for motion.