JLC International

JLC International Sells Ultrasonic Inline Liquid Flow Meter Atrato 700 Series Technology

LogoJLC International is a top distributor of control and measurement instrumentation for the flow of liquid and gas, humidity, dewpoint, air velocity, and carbon dioxide. One of their top products, the Atrato Series 700 Liquid Flowmeter, offers breakthrough flowmeter technology for highly precise and accurate applications.

JLC International Utilizes Time-of-Flight Measurements with Atrato Flowmeters

LogoJLC International provides temperature, moisture, and flow metering instrumentation to meet the needs of the many industries that require accurate readings pertaining to flow travel and moisture content. The company offers regular flowmeters, dewpoint sensors, ultrasonic flowmeters, temperature and humidity sensors, and a variety of instrumentation for detecting and measuring air velocity, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, and even handheld multi instruments.

JLC International Offers Atrato Series 240 MetraFlow System

LogoJLC International, a national provider of low flow meters and flow metering solutions, is anticipating the launch of the Ultrasonic Inline Liquid Flow Meter Series Atrato 240, a flowmeter technology solution for challenging liquids. The MetraFlow®'s main purpose is the metering of challenging fluids and liquids for both the research and water industries.

Two Top-Selling Titan Flowmeters from JLC International Obtain NSF Approval

LogoJLC International is a global distributor of control and measurement instrumentation with more than two decades of experience supplying a range of flowmeters for a number of different industries. Recently, two of the company's Titan liquid turbine flowmeters — the series 800 and series 300-010 — received approval from the NSF, confirming the safety, trust, and effectiveness of these products.

JLC International Lists the Three Strongest Flow Meters for a Variety of Industries

LogoBased in New Britain, Pennsylvania, JLC International is a globally-leading distributor of instrumentation used to measure and control relative humidity, liquid and gas flow, dewpoint temperature, air velocity, and carbon dioxide. The company offers a range of flow meters, including ultrasonic flow meters, designed to accurately determine and record flow rates for a variety of industries.

JLC International Launches a New Version of Titan's Popular 800 Series Turbine Flow Meter

LogoJLC International is proud to announce that they have launched a brand new version of Titan Enterprises' popular 800 Series turbine flow meter for companies whose intention is to monitor flow without installing a wiring loom or for use in remote situations. This innovative addition to Titan Enterprises' assortment is now being distributed by JLC International to any looking for a quality low-flow, chemically resistant flow meter.

JLC International Explains Flowmeters for Beverage Management Systems

LogoBeverage management systems in bars and restaurants are designed to both prevent loss and to provide accurate inventory data. The reliability and efficiency of these systems greatly depend on the quality of the flowmeter.

The Atrato MetraFlow Available Early Fall at JLC International

LogoJLC International introduces an essential new member of Titan's Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter series: the Atrato MetraFlow®. Similar to the Atrato 700 and 70P series, The MetraFlow® is non-invasive (no moving parts, no obstructions in the flow tube) and has the time-of-flight principle to measure the flow of liquids.

JLC International Introduces Two New Transmitters This Spring

LogoAs an international distributor of flowmeters, transmitters, and other measurement devices for a varying degree of different industries, JLC International consistently introduces new state-of-the-art devices, such as the EE360 and the EE310. Both similar in appearance and manufactured by E+E Elektronik, these two high-end transmitters assist with measurement in a wide-variety of ways.

JLC International Introduces Additional Feature of Air Flow Probe with Modbus Interface

LogoJLC International is proud to release new information about an additional feature of their air flow probe with Modbus interface. This measurement device, EE671, now has an E+E VTQ thin-film flow sensing element.