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Auto Insurance for Clients in Phoenixville, Limerick, Royersford, Skippack, Collegeville, and Trappe, PA

LogoWhen it is time to renew or purchase auto insurance, it is important to work with an insurance agency that takes the time to understand your coverage needs. It is also beneficial if your agent has relationships with a variety of auto insurance companies. Kelly Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency which does the auto insurance shopping for their clients, allowing them to compare coverage and pricing. Providing top rated auto insurance to customers in Phoenixville, Limerick, Royersford, Skippack, Collegeville, and Trappe, PA. is their goal.

Workers Comp Insurance in Phoenixville, Skippack, Royersford, Limerick, Collegeville, and Trappe, PA

LogoIf you own a business, you need workers comp insurance. It protects not only the business but also the employees in case of sickness or injury while on the job. Worker's comp can cover employee medical bills and some lost wages. It can also cover expenses resulting from the need for rehabilitation, among other things. Understanding that a workplace accident or injury could cause financial hardship to your business, it's important to have workers comp insurance from the outset. This offers peace of mind to the business owner as well as their employees.

Property Insurance for Phoenixville, Skippack, Limerick, Royersford, Collegeville, and Trappe, PA

LogoHomeowners rely on property insurance to provide liability coverage and coverage for their home and belongings. If there is covered damage or theft to an owned or rented structure, financial reimbursement is provided through property insurance. If someone is injured on the insured property, that individual may also receive financial reimbursement.

Business Insurance in Phoenixville, Limerick, Collegeville, Skippack, Royersford and Trappe, PA

LogoProperty damage, fire, injury, loss of business income, and lawsuits are just a few of the perils that can harm business owners. It is of utmost importance to have the proper business insurance to protect a company from these occurrences. The agents at Kelly Insurance will work to provide each client with a risk management plan, protecting business operations and providing financial security throughout Phoenixville, Limerick, Collegeville, Skippack, Royersford, and surrounding areas.

Car Insurance in Phoenixville, Limerick, Skippack, Collegeville, Royersford and Trappe, PA

LogoWhen car insurance is needed, the agents at Kelly Insurance are here to help. Our team works with drivers of all ages and experience levels, to find the right coverage. As an independent agency, Kelly Insurance has a multitude of auto insurance carriers and shops to determine which coverage best benefits the client. Kelly Insurance agents work hard to ensure each client understands what the auto policy entails – coverage, discounts, premium payment options, etc.

Car Insurance for Phoenixville, Skippack, Limerick, Royersford, Collegeville and Trappe, PA

LogoWhen buying a car, new or used, you need auto insurance that meets your states minimum required limits of liability. Most dealerships will not allow you to drive off the lot without providing evidence of coverage. If you are buying a vehicle from a private party, they may not require you to have coverage in place a time of purchase however proof of insurance will be needed to complete your Pennsylvania title transfer. Having an auto policy in place is also recommended for both your safety and financial security.

Life Insurance for Phoenixville, Limerick, Royersford, Skippack, Trappe and Collegeville, PA

LogoWhen people think about what insurance they need, typically they think of home insurance, car insurance and medical insurance. One of the most overlooked types of insurance is life insurance. When you are younger you seldom think about end of life or sudden death, but these things can happen. To be caught without life insurance in the event of untimely death, would leave your family without the financial means to pay for the mortgage, utilities, food, schooling, clothing and other essentials they will need. You are your most valuable asset, and your family counts on you to provide for them, even in death. Finding the right life insurance will help protect your family during a time of greatest need.

Kelly Insurance Agency Announces Recent Merger

LogoKelly Insurance Agency is pleased to announce that Torri Insurance Agency in Philadelphia has joined the Kelly Insurance family. This further expands the geographic reach of Kelly Insurance in Delaware and Philadelphia Counties and capitalizes on Torri's experience and service reputation. Torri will now be joining the Kelly location in Boothwyn, PA. Kelly Insurance Group acquired Absolute Insurance in Boothwyn earlier this year.

Business Insurance for Phoenixville, Limerick, Skippack, Collegeville, Royersford and Trappe, PA

LogoEvery business, whether established or new, strives to become the best in their field. Besides the daily routine of managing clientele and employees, they also need to protect their company assets. The agents at Patrick J. Kelly Insurance Group understand that the right business insurance is important, and with 35+ years of experience, the team is ready to help. Agents work with clients to understand daily operations, products/services provided, personnel and geographic location. This information allows the staff to find business insurance policies to review, such as:

Insurance for Limerick, Phoenixville, Royersford, Skippack, Collegeville, and Trappe, PA

LogoFinding the right insurance is important. Knowing what your insurance plans cover, how to make a claim, and who to call when it's time to use your insurance are facts most of us need to know. The staff at Patrick J. Kelly Insurance Group is always available to clients in Limerick, Phoenixville, Royersford, Skippack, and the surrounding areas. Whether it's your first time purchasing insurance or need to review and update your insurance, Kelly Insurance stands ready to help.