Kelly Insurance Group

Kelly Insurance Agency Provides Business Insurance in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

LogoKelly Insurance was founded back in 1984, and it is a family owned and operated agency that provides business insurance. The office is located in Trappe, Pennsylvania, and they serve clients in nearby communities. These would include Phoenixville, Limerick, Royersford, and Skippack. In addition to their business insurance offerings, they can also connect their local clients with personal insurance like car insurance and homeowners insurance.

Kelly Insurance Agency Covers All Bases

LogoKelly Insurance is a longstanding agency located in Trappe, Pennsylvania. Their office can be easily reached by people that live in a number of nearby towns, including Skippack, Phoenixville, Royersford, and Limerick. They are family owned and operated, so small enough to provide personalized attention. At the same time, they have the resources to satisfy the needs of all local clients, even members of the business community.

Skippack, PA Life Insurance Provider Gets Rave Reviews

LogoThere is an insurance agency in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that is getting a lot of attention for its life insurance offerings. This company, Kelly Insurance Agency, serves people in Collegeville, Limerick, Phoenixville, Royersford, and Skippack, Pennsylvania. The agency has been building local relationships for over 30 years.

Kelly Insurance Emerges as Low-Cost Auto Insurance Leader

LogoKelly Insurance Agency is widely regarded as the leading provider of low cost auto insurance in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. They also serve clients that reside in nearby Skippack, Limerick, Phoenixville, and Royersford. This company was founded back in 1984, so they have an uncommon level of experience, and their agency is family-owned and operated.

Kelly Insurance Takes the Confusion out of Property Insurance Decisions

LogoPeople make very significant investments in their homes, and property insurance exists to protect their interests. Of course, most houses are financed, so mortgage lenders compel borrowers to carry the appropriate level of property insurance. There are many different decisions to make when the coverage is obtained, because consumers have choices with regard to deductibles and the details of the coverage. Plus, some types of risks are not covered in standard homeowners insurance policies, including flooding, termite infestation, and earthquake damage.

Kelly Insurance Emphasizes the Value of Umbrella Insurance

LogoMany people look at insurance in the wrong light, and as a result, they never consider umbrella insurance. These individuals go forward with the idea that the law requires motor vehicle owners to carry insurance, so it is a necessary evil. They purchase the minimum amount of coverage that is required by law. A similar dynamic can exist when it comes to mortgage company insurance requirements for homeowners and landlords.

Kelly Insurance Announces Life Insurance Options in Collegeville, Limerick and Phoenixville, PA

LogoThe Patrick J. Kelly Insurance Group is a premier source for life insurance in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, serving communities like Collegeville, Limerick and Phoenixville. They are making news with some fresh offerings right now, and industry insiders have taken notice.

Low Prices Offered for Property Insurance in Limerick, PA Area

LogoSome interesting news has hit the wire regarding property insurance premiums in Limerick, Collegeville, Phoenixville, and Skippack, Pennsylvania. An innovative insurance agency in the area has been accessing some low rates for quality property insurance, and their clients are reaping the benefits. The company that we are referring to is the Patrick J. Kelly Insurance Group. People who partner with this agency receive many different benefits that are hard to find.