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Destin Attorney Presents Six Reasons to Get Child Support

LogoIn a recent blog article, attorney John F. Greene outlines six important reasons why parents need to get child support. It can be impossible to support a child on a single income. When two parents provide financial support, the child has a better chance of getting everything he or she needs.

Florida Attorney Announces Article About How Bankruptcy Helps Finances

LogoAn experienced Florida attorney recently posted a blog article outlining ways bankruptcy can help your finances. John F. Greene, a Destin attorney, handles a variety of cases involving bankruptcy. For some people, it can be a viable way to end an array of financial issues.

Attorney Website Presents Information About Serious Auto Accidents

LogoA new attorney blog addresses some of the most important questions victims have after serious auto accidents. When people get into an auto accident, they are often unsure about whether to contact an attorney. The blog reviews the situations that warrant attorney representation and why.