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Atlanta SEO Company Leads Near Me Introduces Effort to Help Not for Profits

LogoGoogle Certified Partner Leads Near Me has announced an effort to help Not For Profit Companies and Charitable Organizations with assistance from Google Grant Programs. "Google offers up to $10,000 monthly in free advertising to companies that qualify" explains Leads Near Me President & CEO Ryan Burton "not only are most not for profits unaware of this, but given the opportunity, can not figure out AdWords to make it perform up to expectations. So it helps to have a company like Leads Near Me help out".

Leads Near Me Reveals a Cool Listing Management Engine for Business Owners

LogoYext, the leading location information software company, was the natural choice for Leads Near Me with it's listing management services. Leads Near Me wanted to make sure that they could deliver top notch service to all clients, so adding Yext as their listing client manager was key to success. "Yext is so good at what they do" says Leads Near Me President & CEO Ryan Burton "with their recent inclusion of Google they simply offer the best listing management solution on the marketplace".

Leads Near Me Is the New Atlanta SEO Company "Near Me"

Logo"Now more than ever, people search online to find things nearby. In fact, Google search interest in "near me" has doubled since last year, with 80% coming from mobile." Google Trends, Data pulled March 30, 2015.