Logic Software Inc.

Easy Projects .NET Is Named Jolt Awards Finalist in the Project Management Category

Logic Software Inc. today announced that its web-based project management software Easy Projects .NET has been named a finalist in the "Project Management" category at the 18th Annual Software Development Jolt Product Excellence Awards.

Logic Software Drops Price for Easy Projects .NET 70% for 30 days, Donates 50% of Proceeds To Charity of Your Choice.

Logic Software today announced that for the next 30 days (until November 23rd), they will reduce the price of their Easy Projects .NET software 70% -- from $330 to only $99 for the 3-user special license. In addition, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice. Essentially costing you only $49 for the software. You can find out more at www.easyprojects.net/charity/

Logic Dictates That Project Management Should Be Easy

Logic Software Inc. has released a new version of it's cutting edge project management software - Easy Projects .NET