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Green Ammonia Projects Create Renewable Energy Infrastructure Opportunities

LogoInnovation and growth in renewable energy is moving at a fast pace today with new projects springing up all over the Asia Pacific region. One of the most notable is the search for green ammonia, a gas that is widely used to make agricultural fertilisers. Green ammonia has the advantage of being a 100% renewable and carbon free process, meaning that there are currently many enterprises exploring the possibilities for creating it. Origin Energy Ltd (an Australian electricity and natural gas company) and Mitsui O.S.K Lines, a major Japanese shipping giant are joining forces to look for opportunities to create green ammonia in Australia for the purposes of export.

Need for Energy Security Creating Career Opportunities in Renewable Energy Across Asia Pacific

LogoThe vulnerability of energy supply is something that countries like Singapore understand only too well. There is now a pressing need to establish energy security and this is creating many renewable energy career opportunities across Asia Pacific thanks to the potential of sources such as wind and solar power. Singapore is a country that has a large carbon footprint (for its size), contributing 0.11% of global emissions despite being only 0.0005% of the world's land. 95% of Singapore's power needs are currently met by natural gas and the country is dependent on fossil fuels - although not for much longer.

High Priority Initiatives Identified in Australian Renewable Energy Infrastructure Projects

LogoAustralia is a country with one asset that is particularly useful when it comes to renewable energy: a lot of space. However, this has not been one of the country's top priorities - until now. Earlier this year, renewable energy zones and dispatchable energy storage were listed as "high priority initiatives'' by Infrastructure Australia for the first time.

Singapore Looks to Generate Solar Energy for 350,000 Households

LogoRenewable energy career opportunities across Asia Pacific encompass a very wide range of different specialities, both established and innovative. The Asia Pacific Region is home to some of the most forward-thinking projects in this field and a location where there is currently a lot of activity.

Australia Embarks on a New Hydrogen Production Facility

LogoIn partnership with European firms such as Skai Energies & Nilsson Energy, Hydrogen Fuels Australia is commencing work on creating Australia's first modular hydrogen production and integrated fuel cell electric vehicle refuelling plant. Once operational, the plant will be capable of generating 60-90kg of green hydrogen from its 750kw solar array. This is one example of the exciting endeavours within the Australian environmental engineering sector. Get in touch with a member of the LVI Associates team to explore the wealth of opportunities across Asia Pacific.

Great Investments in Renewable Energy Across Asia Pacific

LogoInvestments in renewable energy in the Asia Pacific region are set to double to $1.3 trillion by the end of the decade, eclipsing fossil fuel power expenditures, which are forecasted to decline by approximately 25%. This figure signifies that by 2030 renewables will account for more than half of all power investments across the region.

Singaporean Innovation Is Taking Sunlight Underground

LogoSunlight is something that you wouldn't expect to find underground. However, researchers from Nanyang Technical University (NTU) in Singapore have managed to do just that. Their innovation is designed to harvest sunlight from locations above ground and then relay it to underground spaces that are reliant on artificial light. This is made possible as a result of design that mimics the way a magnifying glass works when it is used to focus sunlight on a specific area.

The Built Environment Sector in Singapore

LogoIn the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the built environment sector in Singapore has appealed to the government to allow it to bring in more foreign workers. Currently, around 1,000 workers are returning home every week to family, creating challenging conditions for the local industry. The government recently took steps to allow construction firms more temporary flexibility to bring in workers from China. However, it's thought that this will not make the kind of impact that is really required as Chinese workers are often specialised in specific trades, rather than being general construction workers.

Water & Environmental Careers Throughout Singapore

LogoWater scarcity affects numerous areas of the globe and today it still remains one of the largest global risks and challenges in terms of potential impact over the next decade as the Earth's population continues to shift towards urbanisation. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has indicated that 97% of the globe's water supply is salt water, whereas the additional 0.3% is fresh water located across lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and swamps.

Civil Engineering Recruiter for Careers Across Singapore, Japan & Australia

LogoAccessibility in the built environment is a topic that can stimulate a wide range of discussions. We are all different and accommodating the various requirements of people with pushchairs, walking sticks, wheelchairs, dogs or mobility requirements, for example, can pose a real challenge. Creating a more inclusive creative workplace is a key element in construction and as a civil engineering recruiter it's clear to see that there is a real trend towards inclusive design that is also more playful, tactile and engaging. Perhaps after a year of frequent lockdowns across the world there is now a big appetite for spaces that give something back.