Metallic Elephant

Metallic Elephant Offers Hot Foil Machines Setting the Standards for Exceptional Design Making

LogoA pioneering supplier of hot foil dies and machines, Metallic Elephant offers hot foil machines that are setting the standards for exceptional die making. With great design, decades of practical experience and robust manufacturing processes, their hot foil stamping machines are built to achieve perfect results. Their machines allow users to experiment with a wide variety of product personalisation options allowing users the high-end luxury of adding logos using metallic. With their hot foil stamping machines, users can be confident that their machines are user-friendly and made to last, have in-built safety features and come with comprehensive instructions.

Metallic Elephant Offers Hot Foil Dies Turning Luxury Into Personalised Items

LogoA well-renowned provider of dies, Metallic Elephant offers hot foil dies that can turn luxury into everyday personalised items. These dies are perfect for adding luxury foil-stamped accents to any DIY party and wedding invitation. Individuals can create their own fully customised tags using their hot foil dies and add sleek foil elements to any design. Their full index of production processes can be a one-stop-shop for quality die requirements, whether it be brass or magnesium dies.