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Florida Evictions and Foreclosures May See a Surge

LogoAccording to newly released information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, Florida is in the top spot when it comes to states where evictions or foreclosures are most likely to happen.

Monroe Funding Corporation Provides Competitive Naples Real Estate Financing

LogoFor those seeking Naples real estate opportunities, Monroe Financing Corporation is a direct equity lender servicing consumers in this area. The lender specializes in first mortgages on acquisitions in non-owner owned residential and commercial property and lending options for real estate.

Minimize Potential Losses when Dealing with a Foreclosure

LogoForeclosed homes that are sold by a lender as real estate owned (REO) can be purchased at a fair price, though some drawbacks may exist. For real estate investors considering buying a foreclosure at the courthouse, this is the same situation. Taking these potential issues into account, it is possible to pay a significantly discounted price on a property.

Tangling with Property Liens

LogoA major obstacle to be tackled when considering properties for sale is the likelihood of a lien because they may hinder the right to sell a property and must be resolved to carry out any future investment plans.

A Brief Introduction to Appraisal

LogoA hard money loan is a workable option if money is needed quickly for less time than a conventional loan. Often, borrowers prefer a hard money loan when they want to buy a property for a quick turnaround. A few of the factors affecting the loan and the approval odds include the amount of the property's equity and the repayment plan. Another factor that is often taken into account is the appraisal.

Real Estate Markets in Florida

LogoAs Florida real estate continues its ebb and flow, there are a couple of undervalued markets where future homeowners or investors may wish to purchase property using the convenience of a hard money loan.

Low Rates May Spur Greater Hard Money Loan Opportunities

LogoAs with all other asset classes, real estate traverses market cycles. When the market is in a healthy state, property prices see growth and typically facilitates the ability to secure a loan. In bad circumstances, the opposite happens. When the market doesn't do that great and property values go down, getting a loan becomes a greater challenge. With COVID-19 the process has once again become more tricky.

Advantages of Choosing a Bridge Loan

LogoPutting it simply, bridge financing is a short-term loan that can help someone move from an existing property or home to another. This type of loan may be a good solution for certain people.

Working Effectively with Contractors

LogoAn important rule when flipping is making sure the numbers maintain accuracy. Also high on the list of priorities is making sure the job everything is going smoothly in managing the job. Rehabbers may encounter difficulties as they attempt to remain within the budget while working with contractors.

Fund a Second Home with a Bridge Loan

LogoMonroe Funding Corporation is dedicated to offering flexible financing needs. For clients looking to secure a loan using the home or property equity after being turned down by a bank, Monroe Funding Corporation can help.