Bernie Hrubala and June Ling as Keynote Speakers in the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Presenting on the Future of ASME Standards

LogoThe National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) on May 3, 2014, presented the future of ASME Standards and Certification with speakers Bernie Hrubala (Senior Vice President of ASME Standards and Certification, and Chairman of the Standards and Certification Board of Directors) and June Ling (Associate Executive Director for ASME Codes and Standards).

MPGIA SA De CV Advised That when It Comes to Fabrication, Reparation of Pressure Vessels - Let the Pros Do the Job

LogoThe 1905 phenomenon led ASME to create codes that pressure vessels and boilers must meet to ensure safety.

Human Intervention and Machines: Responsible Handling and Proper Implementation Are Keys for Humans to Have a Good Relationship with the Machines

LogoThere are several reasons why the definition of pressure vessel varies from country to country. For one, manufacture, operation and design are backed up by legislation which varies in geographic locations. Pressure is a dangerous science and had cause fatal accidents have happened in the long history of pressure vessel which more or less started during the industrial revolution. As a result of several boiler explosions, design and testing standards had been implemented. A system of certification was also approved to lessen accidents caused by pressure vessel explosion.

MPGIA SA De CV: Mexico's Budding Top Service Provider in the Field of Metal Mechanics

LogoMetal Mechanics industry is said to generate 1.4 million direct jobs and 5.7 million indirect jobs. Notably, this industry makes the most important contribution in generating labor income, for it accounted 42.9% of industrial wages in June 2012 alone. The metal mechanics industry is showing no signs of ceasing till date. Amongst the companies in this field there’s a rising top contender, MGIA SA de CV.

Shell and Tube Exchanger Design: What We Need to Know About Its Allocation of Fluids and Other Design Pertinent Parameters

LogoThe shell and tube heat exchanger, being the most common kind of heat exchanger used in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, have certain parameters when it comes to design. The number one factor affecting its design is deciphering the type of fluid that should enter the shell side and the tube side where the fluid shoud go. With this being said, anyone designing a shell and tube heat exchanger should consider a number of bounds and constraints to ensure that the design being made will exhaust all cases.

Heat Exchangers Are Not Just for Space Heaters and Other Applications, but Are Also Used in Cooling Appliances Such as Refrigerator and Air Conditioners

LogoIn everyday routine, home appliances have been part of the easiest way of living. From refrigerator down to space heaters, heating and cooling applications have been used. These appliances though provide comfortable life, still there are some interesting tricks behind every application, and one of those is the device called heat exchanger whose primarily responsibility is the transfer of heat from one medium to another.

Setting the Bar for the Highest Quality in Product Fabrication: How Important Is It to Comply with the ASME Standards?

LogoASME fabrication tolerance sets the bar for the highest quality in product fabrication. Pressure vessel, a container for the containment of pressure either internal or external, in particular, has mandatory requirements, specific prohibitions, and non- mandatory guidance for pressure vessel materials, design, fabrication, inspection, testing, certification, and pressure relief.

An Effort to Achieve Genuine Standards: Bringing Back the History of ASME Standards

LogoGiven that the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is well known for its standards, still are still constantly seeking an expansion of standards on a higher standing, on a global level. But before interestingly foreseeing the paramount possibilities of ASME, there are these efforts behind genuine standards truly labored by ASME.

Learning from GE Hitachi's $2.7 Million Dollars Settlement: The Pains of the Nuclear Industry

LogoAlthough allegations haven’t been proven yet, GE Hitachi resorted to paying $2.7 million dollars on January 2014 as settlement for the lawsuit filed against them by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and US Department of Energy to resolve contentions under False Claims Act regarding the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) – GE’s newly-designed nuclear reactor. GE was under the suspicion that it made forge statements about the component of the said nuclear reactor known as the steam dryer.

A History of Steaming Pressure: The Wonders of Perfecting the Pressure Vessel's Technology

LogoPressure vessels have many applications and are widely used both in private and industrial sectors, in which transportation and storage of an array of pressurized gases and fluids are the top priorities. They are designed strictly according to the appropriate design codes and standards governing its manufacturing, installation and operation, for it will cause a substantially safety hazard if inadequately designed.