Novalife, Inc.

Novalife, Inc., Announces Innovative Technology Capable of Normalizing Body Weight

LogoNovaLife has received patent protection for it’s breakthrough shake and smoothie technology capable of normalizing body weight and improving metabolic health. Called Accelerated Amino Acid Delivery Technology (AAADT), the technology utilizes Power Amino Acids® and Health-Plus Protein™ to tame appetite, boost energy, build muscle and burn fat. The company has incorporated this technology in its flagship product, Factor4 Weight Control®.

NovaLife, Inc. Announces a Ten-Times Better Weight Loss Solution

LogoAccording to Dr. Scheele, President and CEO of NovaLife, amino acids are the magic ingredients that drive success in weight-loss health, metabolic health and anti-aging. By combining Power Amino Acids® together with Health-Plus Protein™ in NovaLife’s flagship product, Factor4 Weight Control®, delivery of amino acids to the body is accelerated by more than 10-fold when time of digestion and absorption are analyzed.

NovaLife, Inc. Posts Medical Results on Factor4 Weight Control

LogoNovaLife has posted twelve medical articles on the benefits of its flagship product, Factor4 Weight Control® on comorbidities which are associated with obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. These case studies include type-2 diabetes, lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, menopause/andropause, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and sleep deprivation.