Time to Up Summer Wedding Favors with Personalized Drinkware

LogoAs the world continues to open and people return to a sense of normalcy, summer weddings begin to become the norm once again. When figuring out the party favors for after the reception, newlywed couples want to ensure they fall in line with the overarching theme of the reception, stay within their values, and ideally provide their guests with more than one use. With's help, the couples can find a range of party favors that hit the right notes for their special day!

Get Back in the Gym with Personalized Water Bottles from Personalized Drinkware

LogoHydration is a critical part of going to the gym, playing a sport, or even hiking in the woods. Finding the perfect combination of utility and personal flair for water bottles requires research and a little bit of luck. Bringing enough water or sports drinks to power through workouts or hiking trips becomes especially important in the height of summer. provides their customers with expertly designed and constructed customized water bottles for their customers. has become the fitness enthusiast's go-to spot to get personalized water bottles for their athletic needs.

As Spring and Summer Approach, Event Planners Are Investing in Coolies

LogoWarm weather and exciting outdoor events are right around the corner—and party planners are investing in coolies from to withstand the upcoming heatwaves. Coolies wick away moisture from cans and bottles, allowing beverages to remain at the perfect temperature. A must-have for summer, is every event planner's one-stop-shop when it comes to custom coolie creation. With a massive range of color and design options and an easy-to-master personalization tool, is becoming the internet's favorite source for graduation party, birthday, and wedding beer coolies. Provides Custom Can Coolies Ideal for Weddings

LogoDeciding on party favors for wedding guests, attendants, and bachelor or bachelorette parties is often a daunting task. Many times, the selection is a perfunctory item that is soon forgotten by the recipient. Custom magnetic coolies online from offer a fun and unique option that guests will remember — and, more importantly, use — for years to come after the event. Encourages Employees to Drink More Water with Custom Water Bottles

LogoBusiness owners know that the health and safety of employees should be at the top of their priority list — especially right now during the current COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most effective ways employees can protect their health and fight off future illnesses is by drinking plenty of water. Unfortunately, during this hectic time, employees might not have the time needed to head over to the water cooler each time they need a drink. Despite this, business owners across the country are coming together to encourage employees to drink more water with personalized water bottles from

Coolies from Are Perfect for Athletic Event Sponsorships

LogoAs the new year approaches, event planners and sponsors alike are searching for the best ways to advertise during the upcoming spring sports season. One excellent option that's ideal for any type of business is customized giveaway items from With everything from promotional logo coolies to customizable tumblers, is the ideal source for anyone looking for a fun and exciting way to advertise during an athletic event.'s Coolies Are Ideal for Winter Weddings

LogoMany brides, grooms, and wedding planners assume that using coolies for wedding favors is inappropriate for a winter wedding. However, the truth is that the right coolie can add a personal touch to any wedding ceremony—no matter if the happy couple is celebrating in the middle of July or at the beginning of the new year. is proud to announce that it is continuing to accept orders for upcoming winter wedding ceremonies. Offers Unique and Fun Zippered Beer Bottle Coolies

LogoWhen most party and event planners think about coolies, they imagine round containers used to keep a can of beer or soda at the perfect temperature. However, companies like are making it easier to add even another layer of fun to special events with their line of zippered beer bottle coolies. Offers Affordable Coolies for Special Events

LogoEveryone wants their special event or wedding to be as personalized and unique as possible. However, it can be difficult to plan the perfect event while working on a tight budget. is proud to provide affordable options for event planners searching for the right coolies for wedding favors without breaking the bank.

Cool Down with Custom Water Bottles from

LogoAs the summer season continues to rage on, business owners and event planners are cooling down with customized water bottles from With a massive range of color and design options, affordable pricing, and a simple ordering system, is quickly becoming one of the internet's favorite sources for personalized water bottles, coolies, and other summertime essentials.