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Quality Credit Repair Shares Information About Taxation on Cancelled Debts

LogoWhen a creditor cancels a debt, there is a good chance that they will file a 1099-C form with the IRS. If that happens, the IRS will consider the cancelled debt additional income to the person whose debt it was, and they will tax it accordingly. This is becoming an increasingly common practice among creditors nationwide, which is why Quality Credit Repair, a company that specializes in credit reports and credit tips in Montgomery County, P A, wanted to share more detailed information about the 1099-C form, cancelled debt taxation and bankruptcy. A write-up on the subject is available via their website. The company hopes that this will help their clientele and readers avoid the trouble with the IRS that ignoring the filing of the 1099-C form can cause.

Quality Credit Repair, Helping Clients Reclaim Lives After Bankruptcy, Appears on Radio Show Credit Tip

LogoTony Robbins, a famed motivational speaker best-known for guiding hundreds of thousands of Americans through financial hardship, as well as counseling them on how to head off problems and provide for their future during times where their financial situation is brighter, has written plenty on the subject of bankruptcy. Robbins calls bankruptcy "not the end [but]… merely an obstacle that you are capable of overcoming." At Quality Credit Repair, one of the premier credit repair companies in the U.S., qualified, dedicated counselors take these words to heart as they help clients to reclaim their lives after filing for bankruptcy themselves.

Quality Credit Repair Helping Clients Nationwide to Understand Credit Report Details

LogoUnderstanding the nuances of a credit score can be intimidating to those first encountering their own, and indeed it can be difficult to understand some of the language used in laws that determine what consumer credit report companies can and cannot list on an individual's report. Learning what to expect from a credit report given to potential employers, lenders, and other organizations looking at one's credit score and background is crucial to beginning the process of improving one's financial health. With Quality Credit Repair, clients do more than simply turn over credit reparation to the experts; they also learn more about the credit industry, as well as self-empowered steps they can take to restore their credit and gain debt relief.

Quality Credit Repair Featured on Real Estate Today Radio Show with Paul Rosso

LogoAs the holiday season approaches, consumers across the U.S. are seeking advice on how to avoid falling into credit quicksand, along with digging themselves out of credit mistakes they've made in the past in the hopes of a fresh start for the New Year. While fixing bad credit can be a challenge, it is by no means impossible – with help from experts in the field and a detailed plan regarding future finances, those dedicated to the cause can improve their financial status. In order to help listeners approach their own credit issues, the Real Estate Today radio show with Paul Rosso recently invited Quality Credit Repair, one of the best credit report sites and credit counsel providers in the U.S., to speak about repairing one's credit.

QualityCreditRepair.com Announces Availability of Credit Counseling in Preparation for Holiday Season

LogoEvery year, the holiday season tempts even consumers with normally sensible spending habits into going deeply in debt for discounted toys, electronics, clothing and other goods and gadgets. These purchases may seem like steals at the time, providing an opportunity for individuals to own items they normally couldn't afford, but the fact is that the cost of these shopping sprees can add up startlingly fast. QualityCreditRepair.com, one of the nation's best credit repair companies, has recently announced its availability to provide credit and financial counseling in order to help clients prepare to spend wisely this holiday season.

Quality Credit Repair Announces Availability to Provide Bankruptcy Debt Counseling

LogoMany individuals who find themselves in a situation where they are forced to declare bankruptcy may feel shame, regret or, above all, concern for their future. It is also normal for those facing this variety of debt to feel overwhelmed at tackling their credit issues, and afraid to make the wrong decision. Quality Credit Repair, one of the best credit repair companies serving clients nationwide, has announced its availability to provide bankruptcy debt counseling in order to help clients reclaim their financial independence and lives.

Quality Credit Repair Offering Consultations by Credit Professionals to Prepare for Start of School Year

LogoBack-to-school season is an expensive time of the year, both for college students preparing to conquer the fall semester, as well as for parents looking to make sure their young scholars are ready and able to succeed. Books, new clothing, school supplies and registration fees add up quickly, and for those with bad credit, the interest rates on these necessary purchases can quickly add up to an unmanageable burden – meanwhile, those who have taken the steps to repair their damaged credit will enjoy lower interest rates and more easily accessible funds. Quality Credit repair, the best credit report service in the Philadelphia area for those struggling with poor credit, is offering professional consultation to help individuals struggling with bad credit scores, so that they can reap the benefits that come with an improved credit reputation.

Quality Credit Repair Offering Free Consultations on Credit Repair Services

LogoIndividuals dealing with a poor credit score may feel as if they will never be able to dig themselves out of their financial hole. Understanding how credit and credit reporting works, let alone how to begin to repair a poor score and rebuild credit, can seem like an overwhelming task. The dedicated and highly qualified professionals at Quality Credit Repair understand the difficulties individuals face when it comes to improving their financial health, and will thoroughly review a client's credit report in order to tailor a credit repair plan to the individual's specific needs. Now, prospective customers can benefit from a free consultation from Quality Credit Repair that includes a comprehensive credit review.

Quality Credit Repair Helps Clients Benefit from Adjustments to Credit Reporting Agencies' Business Practices

LogoFor many years, errors in credit reports made by major credit reporting agencies have caused consumers to be denied loans and even jobs. Quality Credit Repair, which offers credit repair in Philadelphia and surrounding counties, specializes in finding and correcting these all-too-common mistakes as part of a larger plan to repair consumers' credit. This May, three major credit reporting agencies made a pact with attorneys general in 31 states, including Pennsylvania, to adjust their business practices in a way that would greatly benefit consumers and change the way credit reports are made. Quality Credit Repair is offering its services to help clients understand their new rights, as well as how they and Quality Credit Repair can best utilize these new requirements to their benefit.

Quality Credit Repair Can Help to Repair Credit Scores

LogoPoor credit can be an enormous financial burden. The combination of bad credit scores, mismanaged budgets and constantly accruing debt can make those with bad credit feel as though they will never exit a downward spiral. However, Quality Credit Repair, a Philadelphia-based credit restoration company, can now help to repair bad credit scores.