Rasovai Massage & Meditation School

Rasovai School in Goa Announces Dates for Ayurveda Massage Training in India

Ayurvedic massages are very popular for their healing abilities and curative qualities. While one might find a number of spas that offer it as a service but there are very few quality massage training schools. Rasovai is one such massage school in India that has been organizing bodywork courses for over a decade. The school has announced the dates for its very unique AyurBalance Ayurveda Massage training from November 2017 till May 2018. These trainings focus on teaching Myofascial release along with the core balancing principles of Ayurvedic Massage.

Rasovai School Announces Dates for Meditation Teacher Training in India

Meditation is a practice that initiates a dialogue with the inner self and brings you to the present moment. It helps in leaving the external inhibitions aside and adopt a brand new consciousness replete with self-awakening. Given the hectic lifestyle, the daily stress and strain of the modern ways of living, Rasovai School offers meditation teacher training in India. These trainings which will be organized from March 2018 in Goa, aim to provide the participants with highly effective tools and a deep precinct of calm and self-healing. The meditation teacher training courses have been inspired from ancient Indian scriptures and adapted to suit modern demands.