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Preppers and Survivalists Attention: Revolution, 51st Century, a Must Read

LogoThis administration has squandered the preeminence of American power. Its conduct is reminiscent of the indecision and temerity of Jimmy Carter. Its treatment of Muslim terrorists as mere criminals to be prosecuted in the criminal justice system fails to take into account the true nature of their threat to the American way of life. Ordinary Americans are being misled as to the real nature of the threat. When seen in personal terms, Americans will reject the new reality the Obama administration is foisting on us.

Book Announcement: Revolution, 51st Century, the Unveiling of Muslim Extremism, a Must Read For Concerned Americans

LogoRevolution, 51st Century critically examines what happens to life as we know it because of the appeasement of Muslim extremists, and their cataclysmic nuclear attack on the US population centers.

Revolution, 51st Century

LogoThis is the novel feared by the Obama Administration because it dares to show ordinary Americans, in unvarnished terms, what happens when Muslim extremists unleash a nuclear fire storm on the United States.