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Are Homebuyers Overly Concerned About the Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Actions?

LogoThe Federal Reserve will not be raising the federal funds rate in June because of lackluster job creation last month. This is a reversal from more positive sentiments expressed before the jobs data came out. Given the connection between the federal funds rate and other interest rates such as U.S. mortgage rates, it is unsurprising that residential real estate consumers are paying close attention to the Fed's pronouncements. However, a strong case can be made that the extent of the federal funds rate's influence on U.S. mortgage rates is exaggerated.

Real Estate Agent John Seggerman Outlines Forecast for Expansion Through 2017

LogoSeggerman Homes is gearing up to assist homebuyers and investors as forecasters foresee continued economic expansion through 2017.

Real Estate Agent John Seggerman Is Ready to Help Millennials and Others Find the Right Home

LogoAccording to an article published by InsideNOVA, millennials are expected to have a large impact on the housing market in the near future. Real Estate Agent John Seggerman is prepared to help this growing number of millennial homebuyers find the home that fits all of their needs.

Real Estate Agent John Seggerman Providing Results for Home Buyers & Sellers Despite Rate Increase

LogoAn increase in federal rate hikes often times have consequences for mortgage borrowers, but thanks to the services provided and results delivered by a Virginia-based real estate agent, both buyers and sellers can mitigate any consequences and are in good hands.

John Seggerman Is Optimistic About the Washington DC Real Estate Market in 2016

LogoThe real estate market in Washington DC has been strong since 2012. The market regularly saw year-over-year increases in both the number of homes sold and average home sale prices, with the only two exceptions being small 1-percent decreases in average home prices in September 2014 and June 2015. These outliers were balanced out by increases between 1 and 9 percent in the many other months during that time.

Latest Numbers Show That the Virginia Housing Market Remains Strong

LogoOn November 20, 2015, the Virginia Association of REALTORS released its Home Sales report for the month of October, which revealed a couple of interesting statistics. First, the number of home sales rose by 2.83 percent on a year-over-year basis. Second, the median sales price rose by 1.54 percent from $246,200 to $250,000 on a year-over-year basis. Combined, these statistics mean that the Virginia housing market was more active in October of 2015 than in October of 2014, which should come as welcome news for those who are concerned about an economic slowdown.

With Data Showing Potential Growth in Home Sales, John Seggerman Suggests Consider Listing in December

LogoDecember is usually one of the slower months of the year for home sales, because many people are preoccupied with the holidays. John Seggerman of Seggerman Homes, however, suggests that homeowners who are considering selling their homes soon might want to list them this December, because data from George Mason University suggests potential growth in the market.

John Seggerman Sees Strength in Northern Virginia Real Estate Market, Despite Seasonal Dip in Home Sales

LogoHome sales in Northern Virginia decreased from 3,402 in September to 3,053 in October -- a 10 percent decline. This continued a pattern that began in July, when home sales dropped from their year-to-date peak of 4,927 in June to 4,571 in July.

DC Property Continues to Show Signs of Health According to Local Real Estate Agent

LogoAs compared to a year ago, local real estate conditions in the nation's capital during September showed impressive growth in terms of new listings, new pending sales, and successfully closed transactions according to a report issued by Real Estate Business Intelligence LLC.

John Seggerman Sees Strength in the Virginia Real Estate Market - Despite Seasonal Shifts

LogoA recent report published by the Virginia Association of Realtors showed that the commonwealth's residential real estate market experienced strong growth over the past year. John Seggerman of Seggerman Homes notes several figures in the report -- and he's not overly concerned about a seasonal decrease that's also evident in the data.