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Risk Management Careers UK – Technological Advancements Mean the Risk Management Sector Is Changing Rapidly

LogoAre you a problem solver who thrives on finding solutions? Risk management might be the career path for you as professionals in this industry are responsible for advising on the complexities of today’s financial world.

Financial Services Recruitment UK – Professionals Are in High Demand, Now Is the Time to Join a New Business

LogoThere has never been a better time to join the financial services industry in the UK. Hiring managers up and down the country from London to Manchester and Birmingham are searching for bright-minded professionals who can step into roles immediately.

Financial Services Recruitment in UK – All Eyes Are on the UK as the Finance Markets Face Disruption

LogoThe European markets have a close eye on the movements of the UK as they are currently facing disruption following the COVID-19 pandemic and closing the deal on Brexit. The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) has reported that the UK is the second largest financial centre in the world meaning the territory’s economic status is vitally important to the rest of the world.

Risk Management Careers UK – Disruption in the UK Markets Heightens the Need for Bright-Minded Industry Professionals to Progress in Their Risk Management Careers

LogoThe risk management sector is of huge importance to the financial services industry in the UK as can be seen by the heightened search for talented individuals who can create calm from chaos and ensure the UK’s economy withstands the current turbulence being faced. The COVID-19 pandemic and impending Brexit deal are shaking up the UK’s economy to a point where risk management teams across the UK are being needed to keep companies and investors out of the red and in the black.

Risk Management Careers UK – To Management and Infiltrate Potential Risks the UK Needs to Secure Dedicated Finance Professionals

LogoRisk management careers are in high demand in the UK with many corporations needing innovative, strategic minds to minimise and control the effects of the global pandemic which has been severely impacting the country's economy. Risk management teams are based across the UK in London, Birmingham and Manchester and are looking for bright individuals who will be able to recognise, assess and prioritise risks to safeguard the corporation's financial standing. Increases in financial technology is aiding risk management teams around the world, reports suggest that 95% of employers and 69% of candidates believe these advances in data science, artificial intelligence and the cloud will enhance productivity and efficiency for the sector. Yet these innovative advances also create risks in terms of cyber security which causes concern for the financial services industry who are also managing an impending financial crisis follow the COVID-19 pandemic.

Financial Services Recruitment UK – London, Manchester & Birmingham Looking for Ambitious Individuals to Drive Forward a Change in the Sector

LogoThe UK is home to some of Europe's largest financial corporations including FinTech companies who bring in an average £20 billion in revenue . With major advancements in technology, innovation and competition the country is battling to keep up with the demand and is in need of ambitious, dedicated finance professionals to become part of the teams who are securing the growth of the UK's economy. Selby Jennings UK is the leading specialist recruiter for the financial services in the UK and have a team of expert consultants to ensure talent acquisition is a non-issue for corporations of all sizes from agile start ups to global powerhouses. Established in 2004, the firm have invested in their consultants training to ensure they can provide a wealth of knowledge in their chosen field and have developed a network of over 1 million mid-to-senior level professionals.

Financial Services Recruitment UK – Confidence in Banking

LogoSelby Jennings are a leading specialist recruiter for a plethora of sectors within the financial service sectors. For 15 years they have supported firms of all sizes from small scale start-ups to large corporations in their search for the right talent to secure positions and progress their careers in the finance industry. Selby Jennings have a network spanning over 60 countries with 750+ employees globally helping them to build long lasting relationships with employers to aid professionals in their recruitment process as part of the Phaidon International group.

Financial Recruitment Jobs UK – Solving the Key Challenge of Talent During a Pandemic

LogoSelby Jennings UK specialises in supporting businesses to make smart hiring choices and helping individuals to take that next step in an exciting and challenging career. The firm was established in 2004 and works with people and enterprises across the financial services sector in the UK, in locations including London, Birmingham and Manchester, creating a range of permanent, multi-hire and contract recruitment solutions that solve the key challenge of talent. As part of the Phaidon International group the firm is also the recruitment partner of choice to 70+ world-leading companies.

Financial Services Recruitment in London, One of the World's Most Innovative Financial Services Hubs

LogoThe UK is a hub for financial services and has been home to some of the most exciting innovations in this industry for some time. FinTech, for example, is a particular growth area with most of the world’s upcoming and largest FinTechs, averaging £20 billion in revenue, based here. London is a hub for financial services recruitment but so too are other UK cities, including Birmingham and Manchester. Selby Jennings UK partners with individuals and organisations across the sector, supporting positive teambuilding designed to further innovation and build resilience into businesses to survive challenging times.

Financial Services Recruitment – We Are All in This Together

LogoEven – or especially – during the most challenging times we are all in this together. Selby Jennings UK is currently supporting businesses all over the UK looking for ways to build long-term workforce strategy despite the immediate challenge of a global pandemic. From London to Birmingham and Manchester, the firm partners with organisations and individuals from across the financial services sector with a view to making connections that give both a chance to thrive. A range of permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions offer opportunities for flexibility and finding ways for people and businesses to cope with sudden change.