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2016 Memorial Day Mattress Deals Compared by Sleep Junkie in New Guide

LogoThe arrival of Memorial Day weekend signals the start of summer, and the holiday honors the country's fallen service members, it also kicks off the season and has become a popular retail holiday, especially for housewares. For shoppers looking to sleep better this summer, Sleep Junkie recently released a guide to the holiday's mattress sales, titled "2016 Memorial Day Mattress Sales: Sears, Macy's & More."

Guide to the Best Mattress for a Bad Back Published by Sleep Junkie

LogoAccording to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control, about 26 million Americans experience back pain at any given time, and it's the leading cause of disability for people under the age of 45. It affects people of all walks of life, all levels of health and of all ages.

Find the Best Mattress with Sleep Junkie's 2016 Guide to Top-Rated Beds

LogoShopping for a new mattress is often described as challenging, with dozens of brands, confusing marketing, high-pressure sales and plenty more to sift through. One trusted way to compare the good from the bad however remains word of mouth.

Sleep Junkie Compares Top Memory Foam Mattress Brands for 2016

LogoMemory foam mattress brands are more popular than ever before, but buying a new type of bed can seem intimidating for a lot of shoppers between different brands, different materials and even different places to shop.

Sleep Junkie Analyzes 2015 Black Friday Deals on Mattresses

LogoIn need of a comfortable new bed this winter? Black Friday mattress sales represent one of the best times of the year to save, but shopping smart can make all the difference between getting a dud and a good deal.

A Bedtime Story for Quicker Sleep? Sleep Junkie Explores Techniques for Getting Kids to Bed

LogoBedtime is a struggle for many parents, and can be a pretty significant source of stress. Parents know kids need to get plenty of slumber to stay healthy and do well in school, but children often fight the sandman or get distracted by things like television. The latest article from Sleep Junkie, published August 31 and titled "Bedtime Story for Kids Promises Sleepy Results in Minutes," looks a new book aiming to offer help as well as proven techniques.

Sleep Junkie Talks Wake and Sleep Cycles in Latest Article

LogoSleep remains a growing field of research, with science making fascinating new discoveries at a rapid pace. A recently published study offers clues into one of the biggest mysteries, the mechanism behind sleep-wake cycles.

Sleep Position and Brain Health Subject of Latest Sleep Junkie Article

LogoThe field of sleep science is a rapidly growing one. New studies come out virtually every week shedding more light both on why we sleep and how sleeping, or a lack of it, impacts both physical and mental health.

Leading Adjustable Bed Brands Compared by Sleep Junkie in New Guide

LogoAdjustable bed bases are quickly becoming the new "it" item in the bedding world, capturing the attention of both baby boomers and tech-savvy millennials. While their popularity and availability has expanded rapidly over the past 20 years, many consumers remain unfamiliar with the market and unsure how to best shop for an adjustable base.

2015 Memorial Day Mattress Deals Compared by Sleep Junkie

LogoAs Memorial Day weekend approaches, so too do plenty of sales from retailers around the country. Though the holiday honors the country's fallen service members, it also launches the start of summer and has become a popular retail holiday, especially for housewares.