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Southern Irrigation Announces Availability for Last Minute Irrigation Winterization Services

LogoWith temperatures now dropping below freezing, those with irrigation systems are scrambling to ready them for the winter. Water that remains trapped in lines and sprinklers is subject to freezing and expansion, which can lead to parts breaking. To help prepare homes for what is expected to be a frigid winter, Southern Irrigation has announced their availability for last minute irrigation winterization services. Before any damage can be done, homeowners are urged to have their systems blown out to protect their investments.

Southern Irrigation Announces Availability for Irrigation Blow Outs

LogoAfter last year’s record low temperatures sweeping the nation, residents everywhere are urged to be sure to winterize all equipment that will be exposed to the weather. One area that is often forgotten is residential irrigation systems, as homeowners overlook these hidden devices or they feel the ground will keep them insulated enough. Just in time to help home-owners of the Greater Nashville area prepare for another harsh winter, Southern Irrigation has announced its availability to perform irrigation blow outs. The company will be offering this service from October 21st through Thanksgiving weekend.

Southern Irrigation Announces Winterization Appointment Availabilities for Residential Lawns This Fall 2014

LogoThe summer is coming to a close, and the irrigation system for any residential property is ready to be shut down. The recommended time to have a sprinkler system winterized is the middle to end of October, and Southern Irrigation is announcing they are taking appointments for their clients in the greater Nashville, TN area to prepare for the winter season. Appointments can be made today, but the company will start winterizing systems beginning the week of October 21.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering LED Landscape Light Installations This Fall 2014

LogoWhen it comes to enhancing the look of the property in the nighttime, it is important to make sure the yard is illuminated, both in the front and back. For high-quality products that are durable and require less upkeep during their lifespan, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they are now offering LED landscape light installations this fall 2014 season. Whether a commercial business or residential home, LED lighting provides a plethora of benefits due to its bulb life.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Backflow Repair in the Greater Nashville Area

LogoAs experts in irrigation startups, sprinkler startups, and repairs, the professionals from Southern Irrigation are accustomed to working within the pipelines on their client’s property. One of the state requirements for any property with an irrigation system is to protect the water supply with backflow preventers. This summer, when the flow of water is reversed in the pipelines, affecting the irrigation system and the drinking water, the company is announcing their services for backflow repair in the greater Nashville area.

Southern Irrigation Now Installing Landscape Lighting to Residential Clients This Spring

LogoWhen the summer time rolls around, many residents spend evenings outdoors, relaxing in their yards. Gearing up for the summer season, homeowners are taking a look at their property and upgrading the amount of light they have on display. For a more reliable and beneficial product to illuminate the yard and property, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they are now installing landscape lights for their residential clients this spring. The company specializes in the implementation of LED lighting due to its advantages over traditional light bulbs.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Irrigation Startups in Brentwood This Spring

LogoAs winter has come and gone, many homeowners have concentrated their efforts on the exterior of the property in preparation for the summer months. The concentration focuses on the look of the lawn, and making sure a quality irrigation system is in place to ensure the grass stays healthy through the hot and dry summer. This April, as the weather becomes warmer and the risk of irrigation damage due to temperatures is decreased, Southern Irrigation is announcing their services for irrigation startup installations in Brentwood.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Their Services for Startups This Spring Season

LogoWith the spring season on the horizon, many individuals are gearing up to get their lawns prepared for the hot and humid months ahead. The grass on the lawn needs something to feed on, or it will dry out and make the lawn look completely dead. It is important to start the season off right to maintain a glowing green grass throughout the summer. This March, as homeowners are ready to put the winter season behind them, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for irrigation system startups in the greater Nashville, TN, area.

Southern Irrigation Announces Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installations This Winter

LogoWhen the summer weather arrives, many residents in the Nashville, TN area illuminate their yards to relax when the sun goes down, or to showcase when guests arrive. There is no better way to put the yard on display than with high quality, affordable landscape lighting. This winter, Southern Irrigation is announcing their services for installing landscape lighting to their valued customers. As a premier landscaping service, the company is able to install light in obscure locations throughout the yard, such as in a tree or flower beds to make the house stand out.

Southern Irrigation Now Offering Their Services for Snow and Ice Melt This Winter

LogoAs the winter season creeps closer and many residents and commercial properties have winterized their irrigation systems in preparation for the cold weather, it is time to start thinking about getting rid of ice or snow in neighborhoods and commercial parking lots. As the temperature starts to freeze, and the rain turns to snow in the Nashville metropolitan area, Southern Irrigation is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for snow and ice melt this winter season.