Spec India

iPhone and iPad Development at SPEC India

Spec India has a team of 10 certified developers and plans to expand this practice in the next six months as they see a lot business in this area.

Mobile Application Testing at Spec-India

At Spec-India, we have a framework built on the concept of Keyword as well as Data driven testing and re-usable test components. This makes it easy to build and maintain test suites.

SPEC India Has Released a New Version of Its RAD Tool Called RADIT 2.0

The application has important features like Multiple updates in one transaction which is very much required in most of the application. There is a flexible layout option to change the layout as per the requirement.

SPEC India Has Developed Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software

The architecture of our solution allows a reduction in total ownership cost, risk reduction, less wasted time, and the ability to concentrate on business and management instead of technology.

Regression Testing of Software at SPEC India

Regression testing of Spec-India is based on a repository of tests developed from tests made up of base test case that can be run every time you build a new version of the program.

SOS-Save our Sholas – A Film on Conservation of the Western Ghats in India

This film is highly acclaimed by the Centre for Media Studies (An organization that conducts film festival) for its School Programme 'Greening Young Minds' and is planning to distribute the film in English and Hindi version to ten thousand schools across India.

Rapid Application Development Tool (RADT) by SPEC INDIA

SPEC INDIA has created an indigenous Web Application Development RAD tool using .Net (C# and ASP.net, XML). . The objective of this tool is to provide a ready to use framework incorporating all the common functionalities that are required in any business application development. As most of the common functionalities is readily available to the Development team, they can focus more on the Business logic and usability aspect, hence improving the overall Quality of the application.

Spec India Is Developing Software to Automate the Process of Customer Management

The Heart of EQDC is Customer Service Centre (CSC) which manages the Customer and internal job assignments. This software will help EQDC in creating/assigning the jobs as well as tracking the current status online.