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George Tadross of Tadross Law Tackles Bankruptcy Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a ripple effect throughout the economy, forcing almost 22 million Americans to file for unemployment. Still, even with government resources, some homeowners or business owners can't face the financial crisis alone. Without a job or business to fall back on, more and more people view bankruptcy as their only solution. What does a leading Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer have to say about this?

Tadross Law Advises on How to Handle Back Taxes

Tax Day is an important day for everyone because it offers an opportunity for individuals to start planning what to do with their tax returns. For some people, though, taxes might be owed to the government, and in this case, failure to pay on time can have dire consequences for an individual's financial wellbeing. Tadross Law, a bankruptcy law firm in Bucks County, also has the knowledge necessary to advise clients who find themselves owing back taxes to the IRS.

Tadross Law Providing Legal Representation and Counsel to Homeowners Considering Short Sales

When purchasing a house, most borrowers are not worrying about the possibility of foreclosure. However, when homeowners are unable to pay their mortgages and the value of the properties is less than what they owe, foreclosure can rear its ugly head and send homeowners into confusion, panic, and even more financial losses. Fortunately, the Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers at Tadross Law are available to help homeowners avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, including short sales.

Tadross Law Scheduling Complimentary Case Evaluations for Loan Modification Cases in Philadelphia This Winter

Houses are significant investments that require monthly mortgage payments for most homeowners. Unfortunately, even the most diligent borrowers can unexpectedly fall into financial distress due to loss of income, illness, devastating accident, or some other hardship. While many homeowners can bounce back from their financial trouble, many others will default on their mortgage and drastically increase their risk of foreclosure. Luckily, there are loan modification programs that can help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Tadross Law Booking Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases and Much More for the New Year

Anyone in need of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery County, Bucks County, or Philadelphia, should look no further than Tadross Law. In fact, the law firm is pleased to announce it's booking Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and much more for the new year.

Tadross Law Booking Consultations with New Clients in Need of a Tax Attorney in the Philadelphia Area

Tadross Law is currently booking consultations with new clients in need of a tax attorney in the Philadelphia region. As a leading law firm in the Philadelphia area, the legal team at Tadross Law has also recently advised on the leading reasons that people hire a tax attorney.

Tadross Law Helps Clients Avoid Foreclosure & Remain in Their Homes with Legal Counsel

One of the things homeowners prioritize above almost everything else is ensuring that they can keep their homes. Unfortunately, if financial problems strike and mortgage payments are not made, borrowers run the risk of losing their homes to the banks and getting forced out through the process of foreclosure. Foreclosure is a solution banks have to recover outstanding debt from defaulting borrowers by taking ownership of the property and auctioning it off. Fortunately, there are ways for borrowers to take action to prevent foreclosure, and it starts with Tadross Law.

Tadross Law Booking Consultations for Anyone in Need of a Bankruptcy or Debt Lawyer in Bucks County

Tadross Law is currently booking consultations for anyone in need of a bankruptcy or debt lawyer in Bucks County. The law firm is available to help individuals and businesses consolidate their debts if they are struggling with their finances. Following an initial consultation, the legal team at Tadross Law will create a debt management plan that gives their clients the best possible financial solution. This helps to transform their business and restructure their debts.

Tadross Law Available for Anyone in Need of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Immediately

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a popular form of debt relief service used by businesses throughout America. As a reputable Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, Tadross Law is immediately available to advise any companies on this type of bankruptcy.

Tadross Law Booking New Clients in Need of a Tax Attorney This Summer Season and Beyond

Tax attorneys help businesses and individuals to find tax relief and negotiate with the IRS to resolve issues and create tax resolutions. As a reputable tax attorney who serves Philadelphia, Tadross Law is currently booking new clients in need of tax and financial services throughout the summer months and beyond.