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THA Heating and Air, Inc. Gives Back, Offers Discount to Customers on Any of Its Repair Services

LogoTHA Heating and Air, Inc. understands that most families spend the majority of their time indoors. Ironically, that's where allergens, mold and other irritants thrive – at home. In fact, the EPA finds that pollutant levels can be two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.

No One Deserves to Bear the Brunt of High Costs That Climate Control Entails: HVAC System Is the Key to Every Home's "Comfort Needs"

LogoThe scorching heat enveloping different parts of the world during summer kill a lot of people. In the US, air conditioning has been a necessity with almost 87% of households using it. But do we really need to merely accept defeat against the costs that climate control gives?