The Linen Group

The Linen Group Offers Quality Backed Linen Hire and Laundry Services to Restaurants, Events, and Hoteliers in Manchester

LogoThrough automated technology such as RFID and Magic Eye scanning facility, The Linen Group provides affordable green and quality backed linen hire and laundry services in Manchester.

The Linen Group: A Leading Commercial Laundry Services Provider in Manchester

LogoThe Linen Group are specialists in providing bespoke laundry solutions for Manchester hoteliers and restaurants. The Linen Group uses innovative RFID technology to provide transformative commercial laundry service in Manchester.

The Linen Group Offers Laundry and Linen Hire Services to Hotels, Restaurants and for All Other Events in Manchester

LogoThe Linen Group offers affordable and automated laundry and linen services in Manchester. They offer automated laundry services through the use of RFID and Magic Eye technology which assists them in deceasing their operational cost.

The Linen Group Offers Commercial Laundry Solutions in Manchester

LogoThe Linen Group offers a wide variety of commercial laundry solutions. It was established in the year 1987 by Karl and Tina Saleem. The company has over 35 years of laundry experience thus, clients can be assured of getting excellent services from the firm. The company strives to offer quality services at affordable rates. They use innovative RFID technology to deliver professional and efficient services to their clients.