Residential Investment Opportunities Are Still There

Logo2016 is a sellers' market but with smart analytics, investors can uncover attractive opportunities in the residential market. TheHomeSites conducted a study of 1,100 properties on its platform that are located across 5 states (California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas) and found the following interesting observations:

TheHomeSites Releases List of Neighborhoods with Highest Premium Scores in the 20 Largest Counties

LogoWhether it is your first, second, or third home, your search for the perfect home mostly begins with the search for the right neighborhood. "Many home buyers tell me that if they are new to a city, it is extremely difficult to decide on the right neighborhood or zip code to buy a house in. In fact, even if they know the city, every zip code and every block within a zip code could be very different. How do they evaluate the right area to buy a house?" said Rahul Uppal, founder of To solve this problem, TheHomeSites analyzed home values and other data across most cities in the US. Based on that analytics, it has now computed premium scores of nearly 27,000 zip codes across more than 3,000 counties. Neighborhoods with higher premium scores tend to have better perceived neighborhood value and benefits, homeowners tend to pay a premium to buy a house there, and households generally have higher income.