Think Perform

Think Perform Publishes New, Free eBook "Why 90% of Lean Training Does Not Work"

Think Perform, one of the country's leading continuous improvement and lean training consultants, published a brand new eBook. Now available for free on the Think Perform website at, the new eBook titled "Why 90% of Lean Training Does Not Work" identifies five common reasons for disappointment with such training initiatives. In a concise, accessible format, the valuable new eBook shows readers how best to take advantage of what lean training can offer to their own organizations and concludes with a summary of three essential steps toward lean success.

Think Perform Publishes Exclusive New Guide to 5S Workplace Organizational Approach

Think Perform, one of Australia's leading operational efficiency consultancies, published at the company's website a new guide to the 5S continuous improvement model. Highlighting how the battle-tested organizational approach can help companies in Australia and elsewhere reduce waste, improve efficiency, and better their bottom lines, the new guide will be valuable reading for anyone concerned with such issues. A member of The Leadership and Performance Group, Think Perform deploys a systematic but flexible process to help clients identify ways of improving operational efficiency and reducing waste.