TLS Productions

TLS Productions Now Offers Theatre Lighting Equipment on Hire at the Most Competitive Prices

TLS Productions is now offering Theatre Lighting equipment on hire at the most competitive prices. Their theatrical lighting inventory, fixtures caters to the needs of the modern as well as traditional stages. In addition to supplying theatre equipment, they also assist their clients in the right lighting advice and support in order to ensure that their clients’ theatrical presentations have a professional touch which can leave a lasting impression. They have a vast range of quality theatrical equipment such as Fresbnel, cyclights, flood lights, dimmers, follow spots, hazer, low fog machine and lots of other modern lighting equipment.

TLS Production Now Offers Theatre Lighting for Both Traditional and Modern Stage at Affordable Rates

TLS Production is now offering Theatre lighting at the most reasonable prices. TLS production is known for their quality service that is unmatched in the industry. They are a well-known for their wide ranging equipment for total event production requirements. They offer theatre lightning equipment to make their clients’ function or even the most remarkable without investing heavily on the lighting equipment.

TLS Production Offers Audio Visual Hire Equipment at Highly Competitive Prices

TLS Production now announces the availability of audio visual hire equipment for events at unbeatable prices. The company is a one-stop solution for all kinds of event production needs. They provide complete solution for organizing events with a range of requirements including lighting, staging, project management services, DJ equipment, draping, LED screens, data projections, theatre lighting, and many more. They can cater for any size special events, huge corporate events, stadiums and festival productions, DJ nights, etc.

Get Incredible Theatre Lightning Equipment at TLS Productions for Traditional and Modern Stages

TLS Productions offers an incredible range of theatre lightning equipment for traditional and modern stages. Their theatrical lighting inventory includes lighting fixtures that are specially designed to meet the demands of both kinds of stages. The equipment they offer is of premium quality with the highly advanced data projectors. Their technicians assure to leave a lasting impression with their appropriate lightning advice, support, service and professional touch.

Get High Performance PA Systems for Hire at TLS Productions

Exhibiting unwavering dedication for client satisfaction, TLS Production in its array of requirement for production services is now offering high performance PA system for hire. These technologically advanced, portable and high powered PA systems render unmatched functionality and sound quality. With compact microphones, speakers, the Public addressing systems offered by this company is known for delivering high quality power.