Binary Options Purveyor TradeRush Reports Record-Setting Growth

Binary options trading platform TradeRush recently announced record levels of growth. Founded in 2011, the company allows investors to easily establish positions regarding equities, commodities, market indexes and other measures. In contrast to the traditional options that many investors are familiar with, those offered on TradeRush's platform pay off a fixed amount. "Since we launched several years ago, investors have been excited about our binary options offerings and our platform's ease of use," stated TradeRush representative Michael Peterss, "We've met their demand with great eagerness and have been thrilled about the record levels of sign-ups and trading activity over the past few months."

TradeRush Releases Free Binary Trading Guide

TradeRush wishes to see all investors succeed with binary options trading and is currently offering a free binary trading guide designed to show investors how to make up to 81% profit with this investment vehicle. The key to success lies in determining the direction an asset's price will take, and those who master this technique find they can make up to 500% in a single session. "In addition to the free binary trading guide, TradeRush offers a variety of other tools and resources, such as a complete trading video set, to ensure investors have all they need to achieve their goals when it comes to binary options trading," Michael Peterss of TradeRush proclaims.

TradeRush Offers Investors Up to a 100 Percent Investment Bonus

TradeRush binary options trading provides investors with the opportunity to make up to 500% in a single session, trading stocks like Apple, commodities like oil and currencies like the Euro, and the company is currently offering up to a 100 percent investment bonus. "Investors turn to TradeRush to receive the investment bonus and stay because they find the trading platform offers everything they are looking for in an investment firm and a great deal more," Michael Peterss of TradeRush states.

Traderush Kicks off Their Annual Campaign with Offer of a Free Live Trading Webinar

TradeRush kicks off their annual campaign to introduce investors to the excitement of trading binary options and, to launch this campaign in a big way, will be offering free live trading webinars to investors interested in learning more about their investment options. Founded in 2011 on the idea that knowledge is power, TradeRush strives to bring 60 second binary options to investors across the globe with the help of their online trading community. "Investors learn how to obtain maximum returns, with some investors finding they can make up to 500% in a single session, through the help of the complete trading video set, free binary trading guide, webinars and other resources available through TradeRush," Michael Peterss of TradeRush explains.

Traderush, A Binary Options Trading Firm, Launches Incredible Trading Platform

Binary options trading continues to increase in popularity as this trading method allows for short term, substantial gains and very little risk. In addition, binary options brokers require very little money, making this investment vehicle option open to a broader range of traders. "When one chooses to look into binary options trading, they should consider Traderush as it is the fastest growing platform online for those interested in this trading option," Mark Phillips of Traderush declares.