Trumpia Announces Campaign Management Service

Trumpia, a leading web-based multi-channel messaging and marketing automation platform, is pleased to introduce their new Campaign Management Service. By working with Trumpia, businesses will have complete access to a Multi-Channel Messaging service that implements powerful marketing automation technology.

Trumpia Releases Upgraded Version of Multi-Location Marketing Features

Trumpia, the leading multi-channel messaging and marketing solutions provider, released today the second version of its previously launched Multi-Channel and Marketing Automation features for Multi-Location Enterprises. The upgraded version adds more sophistication to access control for data and features for organizations with multiple branches or departments.

Trumpia Featuring Information on Mobile Text Marketing Services on Website

Trumpia, the leading web-based multi-channel marketing automation platform, is pleased to feature information on Mobile Text Marketing Service on their user-friendly website. Traditional marketing, such as paper flyers, newsletters and print ads aren’t as effective as they used to be, which is why more people have turned to SMS advertising to reach business marketing goals. Mobile Text Marketing can offer impressive results, as businesses have the ability to immediately connect with their customers like never before.

Trumpia Launches New Features Designed to Improve Multi-Channel Marketing

Trumpia, the leading multi-channel marketing and messaging solutions provider, announced today the release of three new features: Custom Template Manager, SMS From Email and International Number Cleanup.

Trumpia Announces All-in-One Marketing Solution for Businesses

Trumpia, the leading web-based multi-channel marketing automation platform, is pleased to announce the industry’s premier all-in-one marketing solutions for businesses. Trumpia integrated all the most popular channels of communication so businesses can reach 100% of their customers through the platform they prefer. Our clients receive multiple channels for the price of one, including mobile text messaging services, email marketing, social media marketing, and voice broadcasting.

Trumpia Introduces Access Control

Trumpia, the leading multi-channel marketing and messaging solution provider, announced today a new feature designed to enhance each account’s ability to delegate responsibilities, control sub-accounts, and simplify user interface.