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Only 5 Percent of Jobs Are Targeted at New College Grads: How to Secure One of Them

LogoThose looking for a way to help a recent college grad jumpstart their career now have a way to make a real impact on their loved one's life. Vertical Media Solutions (VMS), a nationwide leader in career preparation services and coaching, has developed a line of gift packages that gives grads that extra real-life education that they weren't provided in school. Statistically, data shows that recent college grads are having a tough time making that all-important transition. As of May, 13.8 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds were not employed. While that number is better than in years past, it is still higher than the national jobless rate of 5.4 percent. Even more challenging, only 5 percent of all job openings are targeted at new college graduates.

New Career Guide Assists Workers on Their Quest for Internal Mobility

LogoA new resume writing guide aimed at those seeking internal promotions is now available from Vertical Media Solutions, a nationwide leader in resume writing and career coaching. How to Prepare a Resume for an Internal Job, available in digital format, covers tricky areas such as demonstrating leadership ability without having a management title, reworking the profile for the job that is desired rather than the current one and filling in resume gaps using non-traditional job tasks.

Hiring from Within Is a Winning Proposition for Companies and Employees

LogoWhile companies typically spread a wide net when seeking to fill an open employment position, many of them actually prefer to promote an internal candidate who already knows the ropes. In fact, over 80 percent of senior executive positions are filled by promoting someone from within the company. I nternal employees who apply for mid-level positions are also more likely to get the job as well.

Top Mistakes That College Students Make on Resumes and How to Avoid Them

LogoWhile new college grads certainly don't lack enthusiasm or educational knowledge when entering the workforce, they often lack the proper professional materials like a focused, well-written resume that really showcases their strengths. Unfortunately, today's employers are flooded with resumes from recent grads that just don't meet their standards. That's why Vertical Media Solutions, a nationwide leader in resume writing, has crafted a guide aimed specifically at this segment of the workforce. Resume Writing Tips For Recent College Graduates helps new job seekers avoid some of the most common resume mistakes that novices make.

Vertical Media Solutions Adds Business Outplacement Services to Its List of Offerings

LogoVertical Media Solutions (VMS) is pleased to announce the addition of corporate outplacement services to its extensive list of career enhancement offerings. The service will provide a way for businesses to assist displaced workers during their career transitions. With the rapid pace of today's changing business needs, workforce realignments, layoffs and other terminations are a frequent occurrence. VMS's outplacement offerings are designed to ease the burden on businesses while simultaneously offering displaced employees the opportunity for a thorough career examination. In fact, displaced employees will not only receive resume and interviewing assistance, but they will also receive career coaching aimed at helping them achieve their ultimate career goals rather than just get a job. Their industry experts have an extensive background in recruiting, career coaching and resume preparation, giving them a thorough understanding of current and future hiring trends.

Recent College Grads Get Valuable Career Insight from New Resume Guide

LogoOne of the nation's leading resume writing companies is announcing the release of a new guide aimed at helping recent college grads get off on the right foot after graduation. Vertical Media Solutions (VMS) has published a valuable resource that walks new college grads through the process of creating their first resume. Best of all, the guide is written with new grads in mind, so it gets right to the point with only the information they need.

Vertical Media Solutions Offers New Resource to Help Recent College Grads Write Resumes That Get Results

LogoVertical Media Solutions, a nationwide leader in resume writing and career coaching, has just published a new resource aimed at helping recent college graduates write the best professional resume possible. The article goes far beyond traditional resume formatting techniques and provides a set of guidelines for the 21st century student to follow for total career success. It specifically covers topics that are highly relevant to upcoming and recent grads, such as:

Vertical Media Solutions Transforms Holiday Shopping with Professional Resume Gift Packages

LogoRealizing the increase in demand for resume writing services, Michigan-based Vertical Media Solutions is starting a new trend in holiday giving that bypasses the typical crowded stores and instead encourages shoppers to give the gift of a professionally written resume.

Vertical Media Solutions Donates Their Services to Benefit Focus on Ferals

LogoFocus on Ferals is a 501(c)(3) designated no-kill shelter, serving west Michigan since 2005. They’re committed to managing the socialization and adoption of friendly, stray and feral cats. The emphasis is in nurturing the quality of life of at-risk animals, incorporating a comprehensive management protocol through trap-neuter-return and educating the community.

Vertical Media Solutions Opens New Office in Ann Arbor, Michigan

LogoThe southeast side of Michigan was the logical step in this incremental expansion. "With the Michigan job market becoming increasingly stable, employers seek candidates who present their qualifications in the most professional manner possible," said Pierre Roustan, Senior Resume Writer with Vertical Media Solutions. "I am extremely pleased with this latest development. Ann Arbor is only the second step in the planned expansion,” Roustan added.