Study Paper Identifies Social Media's Potential to Raise Organ Donations

We often think of social media as a way to connect with family, friends and colleagues, but fresh investigations show that social media can also facilitate us in helping others.

Families Find Hope on Social Media for Relatives Needing Organ Transplants

Despite countless media campaigns, organ donation rates in the United States and the UK have remained static while need has risen dramatically. Families Find Hope On Social Media Platforms For Relatives Needing Organ Transplants.

VideoDonor Launches Platform to Leverage the Facebook Effect: Social Media to Boost Organ Donation Rates

According to a report in Silicon Republic the Facebook Timeline tool for organ donation a ‘life saving‘ system where Facebook users can sign up to donate and save lives is already working wonders in the US, UK and Australia and now Ireland. Social Media Initiative May Help Increase Organ Donations is on the verge of launching a new iOS app to use full features of of the website.