WebAsyst LLC

WebAsyst Products Now Support Unicode

WebAsyst™ has added Unicode (UTF-8) support to all WebAsyst (www.webasyst.net) services. Unicode character encoding provides multilingual environment in WebAsyst by recognizing most of the language alphabets: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

WebAsyst LLC Improves Files Web Service With AJAX Technology

WebAsyst LLC has redesigned WebAsyst™ Files to utilize the latest AJAX technology and to include files posting feature, further enhancing the powerful WebAsyst Files functionality.

WebAsyst Announces Launch of Photo Depot, Their Newest Product

WebAsyst™ announces the launch of Photo Depot™(www.webasyst.net/photo-depot.htm), a powerful addition to WebAsyst Suite™ - the company’s premier line of web-based, collaborative software applications. The company has introduced this online tool which allows customers to enjoy numerous capabilities of a comprehensive online photo managing application.

WebAsyst Launches Widgets

WebAsyst LLC announces the launch of WebAsyst widgets, a powerful addition to its online collaboration software functionality. This new release marks the company’s continuing leadership in what is called Web 2.0, the newest generation of web platform applications.

WebAsyst LLC Offers Free Hosted Accounts

WebAsyst LLC introduces a new and a powerful service for customers - free hosted accounts for their popular software Suite™. The company has always offered 30-day free trial accounts; now, customers will be able to create free accounts that never expire.

WebAsyst Announces a Special Christmas Offer

WebAsyst LLC – developers of WebAsyst™ software, a Suite of web-based online collaboration applications, and Shop-Script™ shopping cart software – announces a Special Christmas Offer for purchases of all the company’s products.

WebAsyst Announces New CSS Interface

WebAsyst LLC announces a major upgrade affecting all applications of WebAsyst Suite, which will now have redesigned user interface that is 100% CSS-based plus a new “Look & Feel” option to choose.

WebAsyst announces new enhancements to its Project Manager™ software

WebAsyst™ announces an upgrade to its Project Manager application in WebAsyst Suite ™ - the company’s premier line of web based, collaborative software applications. The company has expanded project management capabilities with the addition of variable access rights control for users and groups.

WebAsyst Offers Contact Manager License for Free

WebAsyst LLC offers a free license to its popular Contact Manager application that has become the core of the WebAsyst Suite, transforming the suite of applications into a contact-centric model.

Mail Master Becomes the Newest Member of WebAsyst Suite

WebAsyst LLC releases new addition to WebAsyst Suite – WebAsyst Mail Master application which simplifies creating and sending permission-based email newsletters and announcements to customers, subscribers, team members and prospects.